Saturday, October 01, 2022

Brooks Launch 9 - First Look

You will be spoilt by colorway choices of Launch 9!

I am a fan of Launch 8. I've outran the current pair by close to 1,200km and the only reason for retirement is that it had sole damages after my last race in PD Triathlon as the rock sharp edges sort of scraped off the sole (which I then used rubber glue to put it back) and then there was the tear that I can't fix. I have reviewed in detailed of this pair here and here. So when I was told that Launch 9 will be in store in October during a product familiarisation and onboarding by Sports Paragon in July, I was really looking forward to it.
tear at bottom between upper and sole

The sole - nothing some glue can't fix
What Remains The Same for Launch 8 and 9
  • Same BioMoGo DNA midsole
  • Same flat laces
  • Remain as light (size dependent) relatively between each other
  • 10mm drop

That is about the same thing remained on both generations. Not a bad thing at all since the DNA midsole works well and has given me a lot of joy running in them. Launch 9 is light. 

Love this colorway

What has changed to Launch 9

  • Increased 2mm stack height aka thicker soles
  • Higher breathable upper material
  • Thinner (non-gusseted) tongue
  • More reflective material
  • More sustainable sole - Brooks call them "Green Sole"
The 2mm increased stack is a surprise. What this meant is those liking more/higher cushioning will find them suitable for much longer run. Not an issue as I've ran 42km in the Launch8 and happy with it. As for higher breathable material, I run without socks, so I will be very interested to see/know/feel if this changes. For me, the focus is on quick drying as I run/train everyday and would need the shoe to be dried before the next day hustle (ok, I need to learn to rotate my gears)
Improved sole material
Launch 9 claims to have 31% more recycled material per pair of shoe just on the upper portion. Which meant they recycled more plastics to produce. This continue with Brooks Running promises to be more sustainable in their production. The Green Sole is made from silica vs petroleum derivatives - which are more carbon-friendly to an extend.

More Colorway

The Launch 9  for Malaysia comes with no less than 5 colorway. From solid black to all color you can think off on a shoe, it will appeal to many runners and fitness folks. The Launch 9 comes with B, D and 2E width. However, color for 2E is limited to just black. Sizing starts from US6.5 all the way to US12. To view and try them, head over to Brooks Running store, or to Sports Paragon retail outlet to see and feel them. If you want to purchase them online, head over to and use the code EEVANOFF25 to get 25% off (with free delivery for qualifying purchases amount). Great way to skip the jam, save some money, and have the present-receiving-everday-like-christmas-or-birthday feel ;-)

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