Thursday, October 27, 2022

KLSCM 2022 Marathon and Half Marathon GPX

In case you need it, I've taken the liberty to create on Garmin the GPX file for the upcoming KLSCM Marathon and Half Marathon route with Water Station. Location is approximate based on the details provided by the Race Organiser Official KLSCM2022 App now available on Apple and Google store.
Official App, which I was told, is in "testing" after I post the stuff below

Update 12Noon October 28, 2022.
Please do take note that the Organiser did not commission me to do this, and thus the mapping you see below should be used at your own risk. Also, the organizer has not released the official GPX file yet, and hence the route in their KLSCM 2022 Official App is not...err.. official as yet (as mentioned to me in this twitter post below).

If you felt comfortable reading this far, and agree not to hold myself or the organiser accountable for the sharing below, carry on :D

Or you can always wait for the organiser to release their official version of GPX file.


Click here for Marathon GPX

Uncle Ee-Van fixing things on GPX


From App

Click Here for Half Marathon GPX

Uncle Ee-Van and his magic GPX

note: Half Marathon has some correction due to Mapping error (it over extend when i saved). Issue solved. If you downloaded before October 28th 11.30am, please do so again.

BONUS : 10KM Route


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