Sunday, October 30, 2022

Corsa Sport Rain - Review

Underrated  - Corsa Sport Rain
I recently gave my underbone motorbike, a Modenas Kriss 110 to a friend's son as he will need it for his commuting at his local university. Sent the bike for a service as it was almost not ridden since the Pandemic, and with the old set of tires already showing sign of cracking on the side wall. It is only right to give the bike in a safe working condition to someone you considered to be your family. The previous tire was the Pirelli City Angel. Yes, I uses expensive rubber even for a small bike - again, safety always first!
Handsome. 2019 new tire
Taking into consideration where the bike will be used which is near the coast line and has more rain than expected. I've decided to change both the front and back with a well known rain tire that were well rated by the Grab/FoodPanda/Lazada/Shopee riders. The Corsa Sport Rain came highly reccomened for dry and wet handling, apart from being a mileage eater - everything a student would need in terms of economy and safety.
The Angel City with at least 50% remaining
The Angel City likely has seen close to 10k km of usage, and still solidly threaded. Only giveaway to the safety is the sidewall cracking/drying up. This also meant that the wet grip is greatly compromised as the compound has hardened up and unable to bite into the tarmac when wet. So do not compromise on tires.
Spot the line cracks along the lettering
Priced at about RM120 for back and RM110 for front including installation, the work/job was completed while the engine oil was changed and all moving parts checked for freeplay. Luckily the sprocket set and chain is still new (last changed 2019 and not went past 10k km), so the only cost for this visit today remain to be the tire, engine oil and spark plug.

Very convincing thread for rain and dry weather

The Front tire was replaced at the same time, and rightly so as different thread on motorbike can be detrimental to the handling due to different level of grip. Also, the sidewall was already showing sign of  failure/cracking and changing it with the rear is the only right thing to do for safety.

Old Angel City

New Corsa Sport Rain

Now, a bit of Corsa Sport Rain. The name gives the impression of a very continental feel, only that it is a proud product from Indonesia and has many years of experience. We all know the amount of motorcycles there are in Indonesia, and this is indeed a good indication of the usability and R&D that may had went into the design as they share similar weather as us. Read more about them here

My experience of using this is fairly limited to about 50km as I ride it to ensure everything is ok. First feel is that the tire felt good and grips pretty well on turning. My benchmark is of course the older Dunlop all purpose tire and the Angel City, which in my opinion is a huge safety consideration in rain for me. Braking distance was indeed better than the aging Angel City, and the start-stop typical of riding a motorbike provide good indication of power transfer and comfort over usual road bumps.

Hopefully, the new owner will enjoy the ride!

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