Saturday, May 30, 2009

Hari Ini Dalam Sejarah

Today marked the first time i endo-ed in my years of riding MTB.

Endo is a term used by mountain biker to describe someone doing some acrobatic stunt by flying over their handlebar.

The only caveat here is that the stunt wasn't done on purpose.

I can tell you in slow motion, how i actually went over, with the bike on top of me.

I am in Kuantan today to fine tune the Xterra mountain bike trail and i must say that we managed to reduced 4km of tarmac with 3km of trail...and add in one more XC downhill...

No, that is not WHERE i endo-ed.

Mine happened on a flat stretch near Jabor, amongst newly fruiting palm trees about 5 feet high.

I count my lucky star as i was just meters away from some cow dung.

It would had been worse...nevermind the bruise under my man-boobs, which is now turning blue-black.

Cest la vie!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Be Strong. Be You.

At this moment of time, i feel nothing is moving in my life.

Challenges at work. Ruts with training.

Only thing working is my own family.

Wifey. Ryan. Nadia. Myself.

That too, i perform below expectation.

My patiences has been thin lately.

Over worked. Under trained.

I owe wifey an apology.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Happy 21st Birthday Ee-Svun!

Everyone at home wishes you nothing but the best. You turned 21 today and 30 years ago, you would had been a mother if you were lucky (or unlucky, depending on how you see it ;))

Have a good one baby sis!

You no longer a baby and thus will be treated as an adult and will have to bear the responsibility as an adult.

Happy Happy Birthday, again!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Photography Blues

Time taken to bake : 10 minutes prep, 20 minutes baking, 10 minutes cleaning up = 40minutes.

Time to take the pic at the end of this posting : 90 minutes.

All this to take one perfect pic?

You got to be kidding me!

Well basically what happened was i up the ante on myself 2 nights ago. All this while, i was told that taking picture is like science. You need to know lights and how to use them.

To start with, my home's lighting isn't those with bright white lights, which made it a bit harder to get the lighting i want. At most, they are all warm 3200K color.

Multiple shadow and bad lights. Not even a studio, just a kitchen

Now, don't ask me why am i setting up so far away to take some "macro" shots. I only got one reason for this. I have a glass (or lense) that cost me half way to 4 digits and it allows me a minimum focal point of 5ft. So, i have to live with it. Otherwise, if you can help me fund this hobby so i can buy some 4 digit macro lense that allows me to take as close as 15cm or some 3 digit-but-more-expensive fast prime lense (that can cost 4 digits as well) that can get close to about 30cm, just say my limitation is really the gear (and some say my minimal knowledge in photography).

I started waxing lyrical hulabahoo with wifey that has never seen me that critical about something i can put in my mouth and swallow in one bite (the muffins) and yet, she sort of understand that i am trying to save some ego here (because i claimed i was once a photog before), she played along. Love you for that wifey.

Now, some will (again) say i am being overly dramatic and critical of myself - "So drama one la you" or goes "what is wrong with you?" and goes to show either their overly concerned face or tell me with a smirk on their face.

I'm ok. Nothing wrong. Blame me for trying hard.

I am trying hard. Very, infact.

"Pop up flash will overexpose/harsh/spoil/bla/bla/bla your pic", i hear them say.

So, i modified a diffuser from those RM25 for 20 plastic storage tupperware from Ikea.

They say it's not the gear, it's the head behind the camera.

Well obviously some of them got it right.

So, here is the pic of the muffin i tried to take for 90 minutes.

Yeah. Looked like some camera phone pic. Not sharp. Full of noise. Overexposed.

That's because the above IS a camera phone pic. So was all the pics in this post.

All except this one below.

And i am damn darn proud about this, though it appears to be underexposed slightly.

Post processing (or photoshop some would generally call it) was minimal. Only on White Balance and Contrast. Everything else is what you see.

Critics and Comments appreciated. :)

Friday, May 15, 2009

Xterra Malaysia Presents Team TBB and TBB!

Xterra Malaysia is proud to be associated with The Bike Boutique and Team TBB.

The premier bike shop is now the official bike mechanic for Xterra Malaysia race.

For those of you that has taken part in IM races the past two years in Langkawi, you would had known the kind of support The Bike Boutique are able to offer.

Xterra Malaysia was also made to understand that Team TBB will send their elite athletes to the race!

With the inclusion of Team TBB and The Bike Boutique, we are happy to announce that the local athletes will be able to purchase Avia shoes!

Conrad Stoltz, World Xterra Champ wears Avia. Why should you wear any less than that?

Rihanna's Umbrella in Hokkien


Monday, May 11, 2009

Back At Baking!

This got to be the first batch of muffins after Chinese New Year!


Chocolate Muffins with almond bits and blackcurrant.

Ryan couldn't resist it and pinch some off the freshly baked stuff, which explained the blur movement of his. Else, it would had been a perfect snapshot of him stealing food!

Nadia couldn't have any as he is not allowed to take egg before her MMR jab. So, all she could do is to stand there and watch me eat while i take her pic.

I know those that has tasted muffins coming out from my kitchen would say it's overrated.

But nothing beats homebaked goodness. Only good stuffs goes into these.

SEE if you like it.

The TASTE, as i would say, looked better than the pic (that's easy as my pics aren't as good to start with!)

Monday, May 04, 2009

Xterra Malaysia MTB Route : Sneak Preview

This is a sneak preview of the route that will be used as the race course for the coming Xterra Malaysia Offroad Triathlon.

The organizer decided since the registered participants are such good sports, they do not mind sharing what is in store to all of you.

Trail will take you on the road - offroad - back on road - back offroad - back on road and finally, offroad

The organiser figured out that no one will enjoy a 30km distance of technical ride which might end up with more people pushing their bikes along the course than cycling through it.

A very brief description would be it can be completed within 2:30 for that 30km distance.

You will cycle past one small waterfall with a river for you to cool yourself (sorry, the timing won't stop ya) and you will pass through a lake and we won't stop you if you want to fish (life is not all about races, but be mindful of the timing ;-))

We promise you that this trail will be 95% rideable. The 5% is because you are just too beaten to continue cranking! :)

If you have not register for the race, please do so immediately. The spots are all almost taken up and we are limiting the participants as we care for your welfare and safety (now, who says we are just a bunch of heartless organizers that will be happy to see you suffer?)

400 is the magic number and already 200 300 (updated after checking with Race director as of 5th May) spots has been taken up.

Visit today to register!

ps - don't bother doing any Kiara, it WILL not help you in the race!

Best Shot So Far

Comments and Critiques appreciated.

Slider Rocks - click to view larger more proportioned image

Unrelated to this post. Both Nadia and Ryan is down with bad cough and fever.

Both myself and wifey were kept awake until the wee hour of the morning.

the above pic is totally a different reflection of how Ryan was just 24 hour ago.