Monday, May 11, 2009

Back At Baking!

This got to be the first batch of muffins after Chinese New Year!


Chocolate Muffins with almond bits and blackcurrant.

Ryan couldn't resist it and pinch some off the freshly baked stuff, which explained the blur movement of his. Else, it would had been a perfect snapshot of him stealing food!

Nadia couldn't have any as he is not allowed to take egg before her MMR jab. So, all she could do is to stand there and watch me eat while i take her pic.

I know those that has tasted muffins coming out from my kitchen would say it's overrated.

But nothing beats homebaked goodness. Only good stuffs goes into these.

SEE if you like it.

The TASTE, as i would say, looked better than the pic (that's easy as my pics aren't as good to start with!)

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