Monday, May 18, 2009

Photography Blues

Time taken to bake : 10 minutes prep, 20 minutes baking, 10 minutes cleaning up = 40minutes.

Time to take the pic at the end of this posting : 90 minutes.

All this to take one perfect pic?

You got to be kidding me!

Well basically what happened was i up the ante on myself 2 nights ago. All this while, i was told that taking picture is like science. You need to know lights and how to use them.

To start with, my home's lighting isn't those with bright white lights, which made it a bit harder to get the lighting i want. At most, they are all warm 3200K color.

Multiple shadow and bad lights. Not even a studio, just a kitchen

Now, don't ask me why am i setting up so far away to take some "macro" shots. I only got one reason for this. I have a glass (or lense) that cost me half way to 4 digits and it allows me a minimum focal point of 5ft. So, i have to live with it. Otherwise, if you can help me fund this hobby so i can buy some 4 digit macro lense that allows me to take as close as 15cm or some 3 digit-but-more-expensive fast prime lense (that can cost 4 digits as well) that can get close to about 30cm, just say my limitation is really the gear (and some say my minimal knowledge in photography).

I started waxing lyrical hulabahoo with wifey that has never seen me that critical about something i can put in my mouth and swallow in one bite (the muffins) and yet, she sort of understand that i am trying to save some ego here (because i claimed i was once a photog before), she played along. Love you for that wifey.

Now, some will (again) say i am being overly dramatic and critical of myself - "So drama one la you" or goes "what is wrong with you?" and goes to show either their overly concerned face or tell me with a smirk on their face.

I'm ok. Nothing wrong. Blame me for trying hard.

I am trying hard. Very, infact.

"Pop up flash will overexpose/harsh/spoil/bla/bla/bla your pic", i hear them say.

So, i modified a diffuser from those RM25 for 20 plastic storage tupperware from Ikea.

They say it's not the gear, it's the head behind the camera.

Well obviously some of them got it right.

So, here is the pic of the muffin i tried to take for 90 minutes.

Yeah. Looked like some camera phone pic. Not sharp. Full of noise. Overexposed.

That's because the above IS a camera phone pic. So was all the pics in this post.

All except this one below.

And i am damn darn proud about this, though it appears to be underexposed slightly.

Post processing (or photoshop some would generally call it) was minimal. Only on White Balance and Contrast. Everything else is what you see.

Critics and Comments appreciated. :)

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