Monday, May 04, 2009

Xterra Malaysia MTB Route : Sneak Preview

This is a sneak preview of the route that will be used as the race course for the coming Xterra Malaysia Offroad Triathlon.

The organizer decided since the registered participants are such good sports, they do not mind sharing what is in store to all of you.

Trail will take you on the road - offroad - back on road - back offroad - back on road and finally, offroad

The organiser figured out that no one will enjoy a 30km distance of technical ride which might end up with more people pushing their bikes along the course than cycling through it.

A very brief description would be it can be completed within 2:30 for that 30km distance.

You will cycle past one small waterfall with a river for you to cool yourself (sorry, the timing won't stop ya) and you will pass through a lake and we won't stop you if you want to fish (life is not all about races, but be mindful of the timing ;-))

We promise you that this trail will be 95% rideable. The 5% is because you are just too beaten to continue cranking! :)

If you have not register for the race, please do so immediately. The spots are all almost taken up and we are limiting the participants as we care for your welfare and safety (now, who says we are just a bunch of heartless organizers that will be happy to see you suffer?)

400 is the magic number and already 200 300 (updated after checking with Race director as of 5th May) spots has been taken up.

Visit today to register!

ps - don't bother doing any Kiara, it WILL not help you in the race!

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