Monday, March 14, 2022

Brooks Running Launch 8 Long Term Review

944km, 89 runs. Many Run Happy moments

This is a long term review of the Brooks Running Launch 8. I've ran in this pair since November 2020 post my birthday and has surpassed a solid 900km mileage. This was my first pair of Brooks after a long time. The Launch 8 is a pair of simple, fast responsive trainer, lightweight and unassuming. Some say it's vanilla and no surprises. I dare to say affordable pair of trainer has exceeded my expectations.

Just look at the condition of the sole after 900km, compared to when it’s new in the photo below - this shoe will last at least another 300km easily and perhaps even more. Not sure if it’s a good sign or good thing as that meant I can’t request for a new pair of shoes as I have not worn this out yet. I saw what you are doing Brooks Malaysia! 😉

Heavier wear on my left forefoot due to my running gait

reasonable wear on the midfoot

The DNA sole retained it's elasticity and provide the support required

Minimal wear on my heel area

Here is the sole new on Day 1

New 0km mileage

And here it is, at KM900!

If you have not read my Launch8 review, head over to this unboxing and review : LAUNCH 8❤️

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Impressed with the Launch8? I know I am. :D

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