Friday, May 10, 2013

Regrets, I Have A Few

Today is my last day working in the Renewable Energy sector. It has been a very fruitful 15months and 10 days. I came with nothing but left with a lot of good things that I've learnt over the period of time, including opportunity to work with one of the best group of people passionate about their work.
But today's post is not going to be about my job. Many has asked me before what I do for a living.
What engineer are you?
I am trained as one. Trained as an Electrical and Electronics Engineer. But never practised as one. Heck, not even registered with IEM as a Graduate Engineer.
For me, the degree that I earned was nothing more than a license for me to start my career. If you are interested, this is my LinkedIn profile.
Life-Work Balance
The past 18 months has seen tremendous change to my life balance. No longer leaving office at 9pm or (horror) 10pm and more time for the family and the things I love. Moving on, this balance will be challenged. The plus point is that I now know what to look for - to bravely limit my working hours to what is required. Work will never finish, but family, if I choose to be away, will drift further apart. End of the day, we need to ask what we want.
I have since grew wiser.
What's Next?
I have taken the choice to return to consulting only because I will be allowed to grow myself and the business according to my pace (and it can be intense at times, relax at times). I treat my training like work and my work like training. The same dedication I put into my training will be put into my work - and that is how i ensure the passion for both stays alive. For a change, I will strive to be in control (like my heart rate), dictate the speed (like my training pace) and varies my workout (as in diversification of the work I will be doing). I foresee obstacle, like rain (problems about work) and perhaps even thunderstorm (boardroom issues), but I do not believe it will stop me, for I will find ways to work around these.
I am sounding optimistic. We can look at the distance half done, or half more way to go - depending on what you want to look forward to. And just like a race, regrets, I will have a few...but then again, too few to mention.
Wish me luck.
See you all on the other (office) side.


  1. I think you've made a great decision - lost time with family is irreplaceable. Many parts make us whole, and work is just one part of it. All the best!

  2. Now..where did i put my Frank Sinatra's CD. Hehe.

  3. Gambateh! May the Force be with you. :P

  4. Stupe, your kids and wife must love u for this..
    A brave decision, bro..To Live and To love-- that's how I choose the path I'm on now. Stay Courageous, Stupe!!

  5. All the best in your future undertakings bro!