Thursday, May 30, 2013

Skechers GoBionicRide Review

I hope the unboxing entry has pique your interest with this "normal" looking Skechers. Yes, previously, the last few pairs has been very "loud" and has drawn much attention to the shoe instead of the runner. With a "Black Is Back" Skechers GoBionicRide (GBR), it all seems to go back to basic - as how running should be. My previous experience with the minimalist GoBionic was really pleasant. I am given 3-pairs of "sponsored" shoes from Skechers under the 2ndSkin-Skechers collaboration and I am seriously considering to reserve the last pair for another GoBionic.
Then i recieved a good news that Skechers is passing me a complimentary pair of GoBionicRide for review/comparison/use. I am very appreciative.
The GoBionicRide
I like the fact that I am allowed to write what I think in my review. Having said that, I was not sure how I should approach a "familiar shoe with some extras". I meant, the GoBionic was a "Been There - Done That". So when I first wore the GBR for the first run, it felt right at home.
With Socks
I tried the shoe with the same socks I will wear when I went to pick it up at 1Utama. This is important as I want to minimize the chances of taking the wrong sized shoe and regretting it.
So, remember, always bring along your own socks (also for hygiene purpose) and try the shoes in evening or late evening when your feet all swelled up. That way, you get the "worse case scenario fitting" and the shoe you try will be able to fit you perfectly even after wearing it the whole day.
*Please take note that all comparison made against this shoe is to the GoBionic
The shoe felt like GoBionic on the run with a more pronounced bump at the midfoot. Not a bad thing actually and the feeling will subside once your feet get used to the bump. For myself, being able to land mid/forefoot has made this transition way easier.
Light Shoe. Fast Shoe.
Verdict With Socks
Fit - Perfect for me. No complains here. However, I did felt a hot spot under my right big toe. It could be the socks. I am not sure. Will need to clock in more mileage to verify.
Cushioning - This is a minimalist with a bit of cushion. As expected and similar to GoBionic, superb as the Resalyte material soak up the impact adequately.
Build - as expected, no complains. Similar to GoBionic and the other Skechers Performance shoes. This shoe I gotten were checked before I leave the store.
I ran really hard with this shoe. Covered a decent 10km in 56minutes including photo and video taking.

Does looked like footprint eh?
Without Socks and Sockliners
Brave move on a new shoe. As the GoBionicRide did promised "customised ride", there should not be any issue to run without socks and/or with/without sockliners. If you look at it, there are 6 combination you can experiment with to find the perfect fit.
The feel of the shoe is very "grounded" without the socks and sockliner. While GoBionic is Zero Drop, this GoBionicRide is 4mm and IMO, suffice and create a very natural or close to natural ground feel already. My  experience with GoTrail and GoRun2 present to me the 4mm drop and this is no difference - in fact, it felt like home already ;-)
Notice how the heel section curves upwards and my midfoot is square planted?
The short (fast) run I did returned good results. While there were slight hotspot on the (outer) big toes of both feet, everything else was good. By hotspot I meant parts that is in contact with the shoe with the feet that felt hot. It could, or could not cause blisters. In this case, it could be just this instance of running under the hot (12pm) sun, with the feet working overtime (sweat) and quick footwork. Happy to note that the other times (after this noon run), everything was alright.
Shadow casted by the hot afternoon 12.30pm sun.

Verdict Without Socks and Sockliners
Fit - A little loose on the top and sorted by tying the laces tighter. Hotspot was still there similarly like the day before (the socks run above) but considerably less even in hot afternoon. Shoes breaking in perhaps?
Cushioning - despite the missing socks and liner, not so much of an issue. I had expected the Resalyte to work as they should. No issue.
6km was clocked in 27minutes on this shoe with average of tempo 4:30min/km and a section where I kept a 3:30 pace for almost 1km. What I noticed is that the shoes' grip is good for a minimalist where I felt sure whenever I push through the bend. Perhaps the improved sections at the sole did help. 
3:30min/km pace? Very possible!

For myself, it is really a quest to test these shoes out so you, my reader, can make more informed choices. If you are a fan of minimalist shoes and has heard/tried the GoBionic before, this could very well be a good trainer to complement the GoBionic. In other words, keep the GoBionic for races and use this GoBionicRide for training. Eventhough the GoBionic has good lifespan (based on my own testing), it doesn't hurt to prolong the life of this superlight shoe. GoBionicRide does just that! Prolong!
Right On Time For Review ;-)
Note: This pair of Skechers GoBionicRide is sponsored by Skechers Malaysia via collaboration with 2ndSkin Asia Athletes program. Thank you Skechers Malaysia and 2ndSkin! This pair of GoBionicRide retail for RM369 (Women) and RM399 (Men) and is available at all Skechers store. 


  1. The retail price in 1Borneo, Kota Kinabalu is RM409.
    Thought of sharing with others, especially those in KK.

  2. Does this shoe have the same "bump" in the sole like the GoRun 2 ?

    1. Hi Miki!

      Yes, same bump, but less pronounced.