Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The New Hugo Red : Review

Some of you might remember a short write up i did for Hugo Red. I was given a sample of the fragrance to review. Honestly, I do not really use fragrance and thank goodness I have no BO issues (I think), but a little whiff of nice scent won't harm, right?
Being someone that like my fragrance "floral" (think Issey Miyaki and Dunhill Desire Blue), the Hugo Red striked the right tone.
Matt bottle with screw in cap
The top note is distinctively grapefruits and subtle rhubard giving it a light airy fresh tone and the base tone were of woody cedarwood giving it a warm, and yet inviting scent. It was not overpowering and easy on the wearer too. Think of it as "masculine floral".

I find the fragrance easy on the nose and not overwhelming. As I take the motorbike to work nowadays  the heat under the riding jacket and the sweat soaked body did not pose a problem for the fragrance as it remain to smell the same.

The Fragrance Descriptions
In Hugo Red fragrance own word, it says that the fragrance is built around two contrasting accords: the ‘Solid Chill’ accord and the ‘Liquid Heat’ accord, which reflect the different facets of cold and hot metal.

The ‘Solid Chill’ accord combines grapefruit in the top note with rhubarb in the heart note to create a bitter fresh accord with a metallic accent that simulates the underlying strength of solid metal.

While the ‘Liquid Heat’ accord is characterized by cedarwood and hot amber that blend together in the dry-down to convey the heat and fluidity of red-hot metal.

The transition between the two states of metal illustrates the idea of adapting under intense pressure; of going beyond natural limits to create something new and unique.

Being a user the past two weeks has allowed to to very well blend it in to my daily routine and lasting the whole day without reeking of bad fragrance. One spritz (on the shirt) was all it takes.

HUGO Red – Line-up
Eau de Toilette 75 ml RM202
Eau de Toilette 150 ml RM291
Shower Gel 200 ml RM85
Deodorant Stick 75 ml RM85
Deodorant Spray 150 ml RM85

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