Tuesday, May 07, 2013

2ndSkin : Offroad Triathlon in New Vaporlite Material

In conjunction with Xterra Malaysia 2013, My sponsor 2ndSkin Asia came out with a t-shirt design to commemorate the event. It was launched just four days before the race. 2ndSkin has a write up on the new Vaporlite material.
Read about them here. New Vaporlite
I wore this T to the Xterra pre-race conference with the Pro and to pick my race kit up. I know a few were asking which race I entered to get the his "Race T". They were utterly surprised when i told them it is actually on sale at 2ndSkin.Asia website for RM69!
After 1 cycle of wash, I wore this on Saturday to run in the park. Purpose is to see how sweat wicking and cooling this new Vaporlite could handle. Bearing in mind that the Faster Than A Jamaican, Legend and Ultra 42 t-shirt worked awesomely too. If you can't recall, here is the review.

Working on the same method of review, i ran and make sure I sweat enough to drench the t-shirt, then I immediately remove it and try to squeeze as much liquid out of it as possible. Good to report that the new Vaporlite worked well to wick sweat away, keep the body cool and at the same time, offer an eye catching design while working out.
In Action
Here is the video.

This t-shirt can be bought at 2ndSkin Asia online store here at RM69. Else, it can be viewed and bought at these participating shops. For a complete list of shops, click here.

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