Wednesday, February 20, 2013

2ndSkin : Faster Than A Jamaican

Image taken from 2ndskin Asia webstore
I bought this T-shirt before i was made one of the Team 2ndSkin athlete. Back then, i fit M-size. So, the photos you see below has the t-shirt draping over me like me wearing a curtain.
The Vaporlite material is a legit technical wear. Made from 100% Microfibre Polyester, ultra lightweight and breathable. Wearing it for a run seems like the best way to verify this - and just like how i review my gears, i wear them/use them and report back the results.
Running Partner (for life)
As you can see, the "Faster Than A Jamaican" is available only in Neon Yellow. A color so striking that you actually felt safe (by being visible) to traffic. The material is light and does not cling to your body despite it being made from polyester. When it start getting drenched in (my) sweat, the material wicks them off from my skin fast to provide cooling effect. Granted that the run was done in a post-rain condition (at about 25deg C, as per Garmin weather) in the evening, the cooling effect were even more prominent.
Tshirt was drenched by KM4 Still feel and looked light as it doesn't stick to the body
I have 4 t-shirts in Vaporlite material and two were actually given to me (part of the sponsorship). You will see me often in the 2ndSkin t-shirt, not just because they are cool design, but it is actually a functional sports wear. I leave you with a video of me wrying out my sweat after an easy 6km run with the t-shirt drenched. You will also see how light the material is by how it is being handled in my hands (actually, that requires a lot of imagination...haha!) Pardon the topless-ness. It was the only t-shirt i had when i recorded it. I tried very hard to stay out of frame, but the 24mm wide angle obviously took in most of me. 

So, did i ran "Faster Than A Jamaican"? I believe i did not, but there is no harm in trying and this t-shirt allowed me to do just that. :)

This t-shirt can be bought at 2ndSkin Asia online store here at RM69. Else, it can be viewed and bought at these participating shops. For a complete list of shops, click here.


  1. Nice shirt. one think for sure, you are faster than any jamaican sleeping

  2. Awesome video Stupe... Definitely the lady runners will drool over it LOL... I bought my 2ndskin ULTRA Tee... Felt so awesome while running... Super Ultra light n cooling too... I'm in love!!! ;D

    1. Haha. Lets hope it ends with the ladies ;-)

      The Vaporlite is is actually the same material as one of the "branded" technical almost 50% less in terms of pricing. Can't reveal the brand but I tell you if i see you in person.