Friday, February 08, 2013

Happy Chinese Lunar New Year

I have been listening to TraxxFM (formerly Radio 4 RTM) almost everyday now. Short of the propaganda news and broadcast that comes on every hour, the channel is great without any repeated advertisements (that happens more often than songs playing). As I send my son to school every morning (for now), my timing allows me to listen to the TraxxFM's section from Dr. James Dobson. I find his sharing light, concise and touches on real life issues. The day before, they were talking about allowing the children to grow up at their own pace and not rushed into adulthood. And today (yesterday at the time you are reading this), it was about "Letting Go Of Your Kids".
It's inevitable and it will happen. This is his sharing.

More About Letting Go of Your Kids

I have found it very hard to turn my kids loose and face the empty nest. I know I need to release them, but it is so difficult. Can you help me?
Humorist Erma Bombeck described this difficult process in terms that were helpful to me.123 She said that the task of raising kids is rather like trying to fly a kite on a day when the wind doesn't blow. Mom and Dad run down the road pulling the cute little device at the end of a string. It bounces along the ground and shows no inclination of getting off the ground.
Eventually, and with much effort, they manage to lift it fifteen feet in the air, but great danger suddenly looms. The kite dives toward electrical lines and twirls near trees. It is a scary moment. Will they ever get it safely on its way? Then, unexpectedly, a gust of wind catches the kite, and it sails upward. Mom and Dad feed out line as rapidly as they can.
The kite begins pulling the string, making it difficult to hold on. Inevitably, they reach the end of their line. What should they do now? The kite is demanding more freedom. It wants to go higher. Dad stands on his tiptoes and raises his hand to accommodate the tug. It is now grasped tenuously between his index finger and thumb, held upward toward the sky. Then the moment of release comes. The string slips through his fingers, and the kite soars majestically into God's beautiful sky.
Mom and Dad stand gazing at their precious "baby," who is now gleaming in the sun, a mere pinpoint of color on the horizon. They are proud of what they've done--but sad to realize that their job is finished. It was a labor of love. But where did the years go?
That is where you are today--standing on tiptoes and stretching toward the sky with the end of the string clutched between your fingers. It's time to let go. And when you do, you'll find that a new relationship will be born. Your parenting job is almost over. In its place will come a friendship that will have its own rewards.
Remember: The kite is going to break free one way or the other. It's best that you release it when the time is right!

How does this relate back to today's posting?

Easy. With Chinese New Year or Lunar New Year just a day away, the Malaysians of Chinese descendant will be flocking back home for the reunion dinner. It is the single most important event for family other than marriage or funeral where family gather in numbers.

Many of us has left the "nest" so to say. Setting out of home, some just within 30minutes drive or nearer, and some perhaps even needing to catch a flight to seek greener pasture. 

When i heard the podcast, I could not help but to feel moved inside - for the day will come when my kids will leave, and if I am lucky, will get them to visit me and wifey once a year.

Which brings me to another sharing. The Bernas 2013 advertisement

damn those onions *sniff

For those of you going home to your family, drive safe. Have a good Chinese New Year from all of us at home.
They all grow up, too fast.


  1. Happy CNY to you bro. May your feet continue to prosper and set you new PR. May your wallet always be full to buy new shoes, and may your time with your family be filled with abundant joy and happiness. ;)

    1. Thank you sir. I wish the same for you and family. most importantly is the abundance of health to utilise the wealth.

      Have a good one.

  2. Happy CNY to you too bro, Have an awesome weekend. And obviously do not forget those running shoes. Is a good work-out after those new year meals.

    Most importantly thanks for reminding us to appreciate our family .

    1. LG - always sir. Family is always first. :)

      You have a good one and many wishes to you and family

  3. Nice family pic bro, Wishing you again HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR ! how time flies .. the next time you will be sending them off to University soon. :) till we meet again.

    1. Sir - many moons ago the photo. :) But that is how fast time flies.

      :) You have a fantastic CNY bro.

  4. Chief and Mrs Chief, happy CNY to you both and your munchkins! You're right, that video from Bernas made me teary-eyed, darn it. :)

    1. Fairy - Bernas has taken over Petronas when it comes to these basic messages carried in powerful tv ads. :)

      You have a good break and stay healthy!