Friday, February 22, 2013

Brooks 21km Race Kit Collection

Just got back from the Race Kit Collection at The Curve. If you registered for the race, the race kit collection is happening from today until Sunday (for local participants) and next week March 2 for outstation/overseas participants.
Remember your Bib number to help ease the congestion
AECO Technologies, the distributor for Garmin products in Malaysia has brought their range of GPS navigation system and sports tracking watches for sale at a discounted price.
Hi-tech Devices At Affordable Prices
With Dash from AECO Technologies
Marathon Shop has set up a corner for race-tech and items. Key Power International that brings in those cool compression wear is also there and offering good discount on compression wear and Nathan products.  Powerbar has a booth there too.
Brooks is holding sales during this period with discount from 50% to 70%.
The race kit collection were smooth and problem free with the volunteers working like well-oiled machine to verify, find and present your race kit which consist of the Brooks Orange vest, timing chip and your racing bib.
I collected for wifey and my sis
Good to note that this year's bib comes in men and women specific cutting and there will be less chances of you getting a badly fitted vest. Also, the material is the better type compared to the almost transparent version last year. :)
Don't forget to verify your timing chip at the end of the race kit collection. When I was there, I was given some Glucosamine supplement to try.
Will understand it before consumption
As usual, as with every race kit pick up, we will bump into friends. I bumped into two that I've not seen for a long time and one that reads (and i believe he is now) reading my blog.
Buff with wifey. Congrats on the newborn. Good luck next week 21km!
Shahran. Last i saw him was...a year ago!

Mat Joe. A friend i made through this blog
With PC and wifey
Good looking
See you all next weekend!


  1. Good seeing you mate! Its been so long! 2-3years kot.. Anyways dun run too fast this sunday!

    1. Ah yes! I will try to catch up with you on the run - if i still can hack it after the Hash Challenge

  2. nice to meef you bro. sporting habis la kamu. this is my first 10k event, hope next year can run 21k jugak.

    1. MatJoe - :D See you this Sunday kalau sempat. And yes, fikir BOLEH!

  3. Thanks for the comment...try to do the best

    1. Ida - you all did the best already! I have NO complains!