Thursday, February 07, 2013

Running Your First Marathon

This is a guest post taken from my team mate write up at Team 2ndSkin. Roy is an ultramarathoner and he is sharing some tips for first timer on running their first marathon. The tips are useful and if you ask me, it applies for anyone starting out to run 5km to 42km. Thanks Roy, for sharing.

by Roy Yeow

For the uninitiated, running a marathon is a crazy, suicidal idea. But for those who intend to join the 1% of the world population that has completed a marathon, the journey to prepare for a marathon is an experience that can be fulfilling and filled with challenges. Many use the term "marathon" incorrectly to refer to any running event. A Marathon is a 42.195km footrace, period. Anything shorter is called a half marathon, mini marathon, 10km race, etc.


  1. Good read. Thanks for sharing. :-)

    1. Lina - the team aims to share more things in the weeks to come. Bookmark the team's blog. :)


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