Monday, February 04, 2013

Scoring Personal Best Timings

Wow. What a week. This post might sound like I am in a bragging mode so pardon me if I start to sound that way. Truth is, I am on sort of high as I am writing this. Scoring a personal best (PB) is always great. But how about bettering the same distance twice over a period of 7 days? I bettered my 5km record this time around.
5km Personal Best
A full 68 seconds shaved off
This was achieved on a relatively flat route (total elevation gain over 5km is 10m) of Lembah Kiara Park and both were done at the same time (10am). In fact, I have a list of 5km HIIT that was done at this park exclusively. Being anal, I would want something measurable over a period of time - and they it all happened mostly on Saturday.
Went from 5:19 to 4:03 in about 9 weeks
My 5km PB went from 22 minutes to a cool 20 minutes within the past 9 weeks. I see that as an achievement and most definitely more improvement can be done - and it will be done.  
1-Mile Personal Best
It has been my personal aim to run a fast 1-miler. Not because of anything but it is really driven by trying to improve my VO2Max. A fast 1-miler at sustained speed can be used as a good gauge for general fitness. Inspired by the fast 5km I did on Saturday, I decided yesterday (Sunday) that I should be fair to myself and try to see where I stand after the last 1-miler personal best that was clocked in September 2012. After 4 months of training in a structured manner and more confidently running and landing the proper way, it was time to put what I've invested (in time and effort) to see if there were improvement. I know there will be, just need to quantify it.
Do this at above 100% commitment
Looked like all the investment paid off. From a humbling 7:19 done in June 2012 to a 6:21 in September 2012...I frankly thought that "can't possibly run faster". I give everything I have in these 1-miler. Yesterday's condition was almost perfect. I had a 3km warm up run with the two dogs. It elevated my Heart rate to about 100bpm. I then took off again, running 100m before starting the count down. I know exactly where the elevation/slight slope is and it is at the fist 400m of the run. I know I have to push through it and things will start to be "easy". Concentrating on each step and landing. Putting in the strides and knee lifts. Finishing that 1610m was good. I know I scored a new timing. It wasn't until I checked the Garmin that It was a confirmed 6:01 effort.
What's Next
Continue to train hard. Staying injury free. Making sure I eat and rest well. Keep moving forward. My ultimate aim with all these training in place is a 40mins (or faster) 10km run. With a fast 1-miler, my 5km timing will start falling again. Then, it is matter of improving what I can achieve within 40minutes, which currently stand at 8.5km. My PB for 10km stands at 44:46...and that is easily 1km off from targeted pace. 


  1. well done! Looks like your training and attention to healthy diet has paid off.
    I am sure with time, your marathon time will also improve.
    Keep it up!

  2. Wah liaooooooooooo... Great job bro!!!