Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Malaysia Women Marathon Officially Launched

The Malaysia Women Marathon held a press conference yesterday and officially kicking off the marathon scheduled for April, 7 at I-City, Shah Alam. This is their official press release.
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The registration has been opened since January 8, 2013 at This is the proposed race route for both the 21km and the 42km distance. Bearing in mind that the official approved/sanctioned distance will be made available soon.
21km route
42km Route
Looked like the race is shaping up really well and be prepared for a great run! Stay tuned for more update.


  1. "Hills..I see hills" - what comes to mind, every time I look at the proposed 42K route. I will probably pandang bawah sikit, to narrow down my view jadi tak nampak berapa tinggi/jauh incline tu. Betul ke macam ni. Hehe

    1. Hills are speedwork in disguise ;-)

      You can do it!

  2. Wow!! So many incline route la kot!! Hahaha.. gudlak ladies.. tq stupe for information sharing...

  3. Time for us guys to volunteer or go cheer I guess ;)