Thursday, December 06, 2012

Malaysia Women Marathon 2013

A marathon organised JUST for women. How cool is that? Never mind the gender bias in this race but this inaugural event set on April 7, 2013 holds a lot of promises to be successful. To start with, the Logo of the race already celebrate the curves of being a woman.
Taken from their Facebook page
Taken from their Facebook page, the describe themselves below, in their own womanly words


The Malaysia Women Marathon will focus on the celebration of women in the world of running. It is timely to take a bigger share of limelight for women do well in marathons. The world record for women's marathon is only 10 minutes behind the men's.
The first Malaysia Women Marathon (MWM) will be held in the city of Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia.

The objective of this marathon is to celebrate the strength and quiet resolute of women in developing their family, nation and the world.

We will have an interesting guest speaker....a running legend. so stay tuned for the surprise. The pre-event program will also consist of a dialogue with
this running legend and other women race directors in the region. We can talk about how far we have come and how far we can go .....:) . A fashion show will bring out some eye-catching fashionable apparels and change your style when running.

Categories will consist of full marathon, half marathon and 8km run. male entry on condition : husbands, sons, fathers, brothers, coach, pacer, trainer, and Abercombie & Fitch's 6 packs torso-ed guys :)

All in all, its an event for us women to come together and inspire one another to go get that marathon done. who says women cant run the marathon!!

Lets go out there and show em!

The Facebook page has been around since July, 2012 and has pretty much went "undercover" until two days ago when they announced the first Women Only Marathon in Malaysia. If 42km is not your mileage of dream, the organisers has stated that there will be the Half (21km) and 8km run to take part. While it is marketed as a "Women Run", they has also put the statement that it will be opened for "Men, as long as they are husbands, sons, fathers, brothers, coach, pacer, trainer and guys with 6-packs." - Which makes ALL us MEN folks. Hooray!
The Page admin has noted that the website is in progress and will be available early 2013. The registration for the race will also happen once the website is up.
Ladies, you now have at least 4 months to train for your (first ever, if you not ran any) Marathon. The journey to cover your first 42.195km race happens now. 
Now, i only hope is that the race will be organised by a group of reputable organisers. I sort of know who they are based on the patterns (of comments or no comments) in the Facebook page. :) And with that, I have reasons to believe that this group will show how a run should be organised and done. Stay tuned to my blog for more info as the event unravels.


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