Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Petaling Jaya Hash House Harrier - HASH CHALLENGE 2013

Petaling Hash House Harrier (PH3) is organising the 8th HASH CHALLENGE next year. This race happens every 18months or two years mainly due to the logistic and also to ensure the route is well planned ahead for the race. I took part in the last one in 2010. I was not an official finisher due to me weighing the team down with my low iron level. 
2010 Finishing Point - Agro Village in Hulu Langat Batu 14
The race mechanic did not change. Work in a team of 3 or 4 - no specific gender bias. You can bring your dogs or cats too provided they can survive the  hike of (promised) 42km. Yes, that is a marathon distance in the thick jungle of Titiwangsa Range. This is also a good introduction to trail runners wanting to go beyond 42km and do an "ultra" race. The average hasher will be able to complete this route in 10-11hours. 
Trails, all the way. You will love this.
The last I took part, we ran from Sg Pusu to Hulu Langat via the mountain trails of 46km (PH3 promised 42km, they did not say it could be more ;-)). In 2010, only 5 teams completed the race with all (registered) members intact. It is that brutal. Most of us operate well individually, how do we fare as team player?
The route though the part of Klang Valley you don't see on the road.
I recalled the crazy elevation and the awesome view (if i wasn't looking down on the trail due to the gradient). This is one race to consider as a team and with friends. Here, the above photo rotated so you can see the elevation gain better
Estimated elevation gain to be close to 2000m
For 2013, the route will be different and I was told by someone that it will involve more pain and more climbs. If you are interested to join the Hash Challenge on March 2, 2013, click here to go to PH3 website. The entrance is limited to 40 teams. I've signed up to race with two buddies : Azman "Dewa Malam" Taufik and Elfrie "Elf". This race will be my "warm up" race to Sabah Adventure Challenge 75km Ultra Trail Run which I will have wifey running with me. :) I have 2 weeks to recover from this Hash Challenge!
They don't make new route, you climb up slopes like these


  1. So tempted!!
    But not sure whether I'll be able to have a team.