Monday, December 10, 2012

Congratulation Ironman Western Australia Finishers!

Yesterday i followed the Ironman Western Australia from the end of the cycling until the race finish. It was way too exciting to keep pressing F5 and entering the last name (surname/family name) of friends racing it. News of Malaysians finishing the race came in as early as the 10th hour when Kevin Siah finished the race in a fast (HH:MM:SS) 10:16:28. Compounded by the choppy water, strong cross wind and hot run, it was a race to be respected by all racers and supporters.
image from my Instagram
I was doing "live update" on my facebook and twitter almost feeling the excitement and exhilaration of the race. Having raced (only) three Ironman race, I understand the commitment placed and put to finish one race in the given 17hours.
My biggest and warmest congratulations to these Malaysians below.
  • Siah Kevin 10:16:28
  • Ong Yenson 12:47:31
  • Henry  13:43:57
  • Juswil 13:49:35
  • Yap Eng Hui 15:14:31
  • Nik Raiha 15:52:57
  • Cynthia Gan 16:01:11
  • Cheng Fook Wah 16:36:42
Most of them are first timer. Earning their right to be called Ironman. It was not an easy task to complete the 140.6mile race. More so, to be out on the field the whole day racing against yourself and cutoff, they deserves a few standing ovation. As I pen this down, i can vividly recall how it was to finish each of my Ironman race. Emotions is just natural. Sense of achievement is another. For these triathlete, the year of training and sacrifices boiled down to the race yesterday. My salute to all of you, again.
Most of you would know that my blog was renamed to Tristupe simply because my love for Triathlon. There is no easier way, or better way to say it out loud that this multisports should be a lifestyle - at least for me. This song below, done by a fellow triathlete in the States, sum it all up perfectly. I have this video in my iphone play list since 2007.
As you all know, i raced Putrajaya International Triathlon yesterday. The race report is currently being written as you are reading this. With close to 200++ photos taken (by wifey this time), give me a few more hours to sieve through them and make them "fit for publishing". :)
Until then, if you have not TRI, perhaps, it is good time to start. SwimBikeRun. Repeat.

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