Thursday, December 13, 2012

Malakoff Run 2012 Course Preview and Tips

The race kit pick up for this Malakoff Race is currently ongoing at Athlete Circle in Jaya One at Jalan Universiti. Go over to the shop between now to Friday (10am to 7pm) and on Saturday (10am to 3pm). The race kit pick up is fast and you can probably help the environment by just presenting your IC.
Race T-shirt in Super Floro Pink
The race course is something familiar to me. It's the route i baptised as Sperm Loop. My Sperm Loop is a full 15km which starts at Taman Tun park and run through KLGCC. What takes place for the Malakoff run is just the "sperm" head.
I wasn't joking ;-)
Here is the "head"
Mutated Sperm (head)
This is the route that I usually do (though i start at RSC Bukit Kiara) for my hill tempo run. The route is challenging. There are three distinctive climbs which can break heart. My intention here is to bring you through the route, so you can visualise the route in your mind and perhaps know better what to expect (if this is the first time you are running this route).
Lets Start The Virtual Run
The run starts from the Equestrians park second entrance (that is only opened on special occasion). The short 200m would see a bit of slope until you reached the highway underpass. You will cross the road and start to climb up from National Science Centre/Security Commission for about 800m until you reach the cross junction of Jalan Beringin. You can start to do some active breathing (aka take deep breathe but continue your pace) and turn right. It is a downhill run for about 1.2km to Menara John Hancock. This is your opportunity to make up for lost time. Enjoy the downhill that runs under shaded trees and look out for sunrise at Menara Millennium.
One of my fav HDR in my Instagram. Capturing a hot lady running ahead of me with sun rising infront
As the roads will be marshaled, traffic is expected to be controlled. Please run down the hill as fast as you could.

3-distinctive climb over 7km. For 12km, expect 2 more peaks.
Because, once you pass John Hancock and Shell station on your right, it will be a steep climb of about 30m elevation over 800m; and it ends at Sekolah Kebangsaan Bukit Damansara. You can catch a breather on the flat road before it starts to go downhill again for about 1.2km. Opportunity for active recovery. There will then be a flat section of about 200m before the climb starts again. This last climb at about KM5 of the run will elevate your heart rate really high. You be stoked. For the 7km runners, you are lucky as you will then turn right down towards science centre to end your run.
The final climb for the 7km route. Photo from my Instagram
For the 12km runners, hey, you get extra 4.5km of fun (Jalan Beringin Loop is about 4.5km). This meant after you climb the last slope above, you will run downhill towards John Hancock again, by now, I would estimate the time should be circa 7.40am...and the sun should already be higher, allowing you to see KL skyline. :)
Can you see KLCC and KL Tower? Photo from my Instagram
Second time around (for the 12km route), it will be tough. It will break heart. You will want to give up. But don't. Soldier on. Find inspiration on the run. Own it. 
Final tips
1. Running uphill is an art. You can't run uphill looking down at the road. Look up, it will open your airway too. You will breathe easier and run better.
2. Running downhill too, is an art. Do not land on the heel, which will lock your knees out. This is when you will get injured. Always attempt to land mid or forefoot. This will force your knee to bend and to absorb the shock. 
3. Want to run uphill faster? It might sound silly, but simple motion like doing "uppercut" (like in boxing) while running uphill will actually assist.
4. Water? You can bring you own. However, you do not need to stop at every water station or gobble down one whole cup or two. You drink just enough to wet your mouth, which will then assist to moisten the throat, which will allow the intake of air to be easier and less painful (aka dry throat and breathing is like swallowing sand)
5. Imagine the hills to be flat. Half the battle will be won if you think this way. :)
The Route on my Garmin Connect
Here is the 7.4km route (which essentially is the Malakoff run distance, but you save on the 400m from RSC).
Click here for the final circular for the race from Malakoff for this Sunday run. Remember that the race starts at 7am sharp and you are advised not to park haphazardly along the road. Organisers has  prepared feeder bus to pick up runners from Desa Sri Hartamas even. Make use of it. 

Until Sunday, my advice is to take things a bit easy, loosen up the muscles, hydrate well, eat well (and there is no reason to carbo-load for this short distance).
I will see you all Sunday. Holler when you see me.
I asked for, but i got my real name. Haha!


  1. Thanks for the route sharing since this would be my first time running on it..hopefully I'll survive! haha..and thanks for the tips also

  2. Thanks for the post and tips. It is valuable. Frankly if not your post I thought the route is flat. BTW,I can't understand why male are given pink shirt!

    See you on Sunday.

    1. It's not pink, it's BRIGHT pink!

    2. And don't worry about the hills lah, it's pretty fun actually ;-)

  3. Thanks for the sharing bro... Let's have fun to climb the hills :)
    I have problem where to park my car as i have other appointment at 10am and it's no way for me to take the shuttle bus pick up on 9:40am.
    Do you have any suggestion? Science center possible?

    1. Science center is good bro. :) See you this Sunday!