Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Kiara Trail Run

Last Saturday I attended the trail run organised by Raymond "Tomatoman" Ng. It was a Christmas trail run that involve a small gift exchange, breakfast and a visit to an old folks home to share the festivities.

It has been almost 3-months since my last trail run proper. Due to preparation for Desaru 116 and also a few other races that doesn't require any action in the dirt, it has taken a back seat at training. I've responded for the run almost a month ago only to find out on the eve that it was on Dec22. Thank you Johnson for alerting me. When he called me earlier in the afternoon asking about hydration pack vs waist pack, i did offer to take him into the trails. Little did i know...his intention was to get one for the trail (and HM/FM/training).
The Run
We made a lot of noise at the park
The usual suspects were there and there were at least 20 of us congregating that morning. The plan was the usual route and take on more (distance) if time permits. I was happy to see Boss man showing up with Shang and Hafidz.
Try catching a 58 years old man. :D 
And Johnson took my advice and got the same hydration pack as me. :D Now you are as awesome as me (haha)
Johnson (left) with Raymond
At about 7.30am, we had a group photo taken by KC Leong. :) Thanks KC!
Thank you KC.
The run start from Office and headed towards Coronary Bypass, up Lung Buster and towards Twin Peak before going down Dirty Deeds and congregating at the "very confusing interchange".
Out of Office
Down coronary bypass
Ronnie (back) taking the trail like it's flat.
Stopping at the clearance half way up Lung Buster, we were greeted by the hatching of a whole bunch of baby millipedes. Yes, these are babies and their exo-skeletons are still semi-soft (I pressed them). These could be potential good protein source.
Yummeh (?)
The distance covered at that stage was just 2.5km, or thereabout. Check out the sweat on my face and arms. Running trails takes a lot out of you and it's super enjoyable.
Boss man lurking behind
It was a new experience for most that came to Kiara the first time. In fact, for a mountain biking friend, Ronald, the experience of running the trail he usually cycle pushes him to run like he never did.  I took the lead while KC and Raymond stayed in the middle pack to sweep and to guide. That too, we lost two person. Raymond back-tracked and managed to find the two and they headed back to the park. From the "confused interchange" we head to Look-Out point. A sad looking piece of land overlooking the overdeveloped Desa Sri Hartamas. The installation of the fences has turned the once secondary jungle into a piece of barren land with gravel road large enough to accommodate a 5-tonne truck.
Thank you again KC.
The Group then move towards the interchange and we did the 2K loop before re-grouping. Some of us decided to take the Magic Carpet via 4K loop before running back to the park.

The group then proceed for a Christmas gifts exchange and I received a multi tool from my mystery Santa (or Santarina). Thank you!
Merry Christmas!
I then parted way with the rest as my son has class at the park. Raymond lead the group for breakfast and subsequently to visit an old folks home for some festive sharing.
Well done you all for the selfless sharing. 
I am currently down with Chicken Pox (got it on the night of 23rd December, flared up December 24th). My running might only be confined in the trails for now as to minimise human contact. :)