Friday, December 21, 2012

Rest In Peace Abang Rabani Ayub

Today, a Friday, is dedicated to a friend and mentor that has passed away. 
The last photo on Abang Rabani's Timeline.
His message read:
Some of the attending photographers and KOPEL rangers working along the trail on a night photography practical in the Tungug Rainforest of Kinabatangan. 

This weekend, they would be working in the caves and rainforest of Supu Rainforest Reserve. Saturday, December 15 at 4:00pm
Wednesday morning, I was woken up by a nudge from my wife.
"Hey, Rabani passed away", she told me.
I sat up and it was 7am. Sabah Adventure Challenge Facebook Page posted this on their page.
Sad News.
The cause of his passing is unknown at the time of posting. Abang Rabani is very passionate and professional about his work. He always share tips and stories on his Facebook page and his generousity is well known. I am sharing a few images from his Facebook Page so that everyone can draw inspiration from him. If you note, there is the EXIF data on every photo. He share and he wants you to learn. Be inspired.
Tip Of Borneo. Night Photography. December 2, 2012.
Gunung Kinabalu from Kundasang. 
The moonlight view of Sungai Kadamaian at Kg Tambatuon during the night/lowlight practical exercise for a group of photographers.
26th Mt. Kinabalu International Climbathon, Mount Kinabalu:
Spaniard Killian Jornet, the Winner of the Men's Open Category after bursting through the narrow Lompoyou Ridge with a view of the enveloping mist of Eastern Plateau. He completed the mountain race in 2:11:45 and also holding the number one position in the Skyrunning World Series.

Lompoyou, about 1.5km from the Mesilou-Summit junction was one of the two photo checkpoints along the Mesilou Trail where photographers were assigned to cover the international climbathon. The other checkpoint was Schima about the same distance from Mesilou Gate. 
Raymond Ng - as captured by Abang Rabani during TMBT2012
Tony, As captured climbing up Hamburger Hill during SAC2011
In case you are wondering how does the person who has been commenting critically your works, here's an up close work of me...
Rest In Eternal Peace Abang Rabani. You will forever be missed.

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