Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Brooks Pure Drift Follow Up Review

With less than 3 weeks before the shoe is available in the Malaysia Market (aka Brooks store), I've ran a total of 123.3451miles or 198.505km in the PureDrift.
My extensive no hold barred review can be read here, here and here. My intention when i first got the seeding of the shoes as I was among the five chosen Brooks Frunners was to ensure a review that will give potential buyer an insight to what they will be getting. When I first started the review on November 7, 2012, I've noted that this type of shoes will perhaps last a good 250km due to the "racer" profile. But unlike Brooks Green Silence (where it is a racer), PureDrift is from the Pure Project range.
Pure Project 2 to be exact
Having ran in this shoe since November 9, 2012 to (last date of usage) December 8, 2012 where I used it for my 5km HIIT and 5km easy run. So, technically, it was a full 29 days (or a month) of usage averaging almost 7km/day. The shoes were used or all running workout - Tempo, Hill, HIIT.  From a short 3km brisk jog to a long 18km tempo run. I ran when it was hot and raining. The shoe was rinsed with water and drip dry every time it is sweat soaked. I took care of it well (though it was given as a test unit). Wear and tear were observed from time to time.
And it was yesterday, when I checked the shoe that i saw (horror) that the upper last, on both sides of the shoe, where my little toes touches the shoe...will tear off soon.
My email to Brooks yesterday. Note that the mileage is not 180km, it's 198km, just to be accurate. I am anal like that.
I've been wearing the shoes with and without socks and my toe nails are always short and trimmed. I believe the wear and tear is because of the abrasion between the toe and the shoe last at that portion. The inner lining wore off and you can actually see my fingers in the photo below.
The white lining wears off. The upper mesh is now see through
I've gotten a reply from Brooks Malaysia and they thank me for this feedback. 
1. Brooks PureDrift is a fantastic shoe. Never once in the 29 days that i ran with it I had doubts about it. It has just the right amount of cushioning and the feel of the feet-to-surface due to the minimalist approach. If you are someone that value these, make no doubt about your purchase (of this).
2. It could be me, not wearing socks and my more than aggressive running that could had wore this out.
3. The shoe looked good or another 50km - will retire this at 250km and use it as a weekend walkabout shoe. :)
4. If you ask me, 250km is acceptable for shoe like this. I know of a brand that the sole will disintegrate at 250km...part of their "green" thingy (anyone using that brand to verify?)
Hope this final entry on PureDrift will assist with your decision to purchase this when it is launched.

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  1. cool honest review, but I cant afford a 250km shoes, my shoes are all gasak till mulut buaya

    1. Integrity is worth more than just the 250km :)