Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Brooks Pure Drift Unboxing Review

Last Saturday, I was present at Brooks Malaysia flagship store in The Curve, Mutiara Damansara to celebrate the winning trio of the Brooks Frunners' Challenge. Apart from being there to witness the prize giving ceremony, I was one of the five (together with the three winners) to received a pair of Brooks shoe as part of their seeding program. 
Pure Project by Brooks
After being an user of Brooks and written various reviews on the Cascadia and PureGrit, owning a Ghost 3 and a Ghost 5. You can say that I am pretty much a Brooks-convert. While they started off (in Malaysia) as a "boring" brand that lack the glamorous pompour of the typical marketing giant, I must say that the brand has "arrived". Bright cheerful color and innovative design (that really, meant nothing if the shoes does not live up to expectation),  I was presented with the Brooks PureProject 2 : PureDrift.
Actuarry, someone left this box when i visited, finder = keeper!
Pure Drift is not scheduled to be available until January 2013 (or in US terms, "Spring" launch. And if you are 4-seasoned challenged, Spring happens after Winter, and winter is when Santa comes around). So what I obtained here is a "sample set for seeding and testing purposes". Codenamed S13, this shoe claims to be the "lightest shoe in the collection". 
Fresh from Factory with the "sample" tag
Like a little boy that received a gift, i opened the box eagerly and was greeted with a pair bright-colored running shoe. It was so striking I had to reduce the exposure level on the camera or risk overexposing the photo.
Even this is slightly overexposed.
As i remove the shoe from the box, I could not help but noticed how light it was. The shoe weigh a light 5.6oz or about 159grams each side giving a total of 318grams with the standard shoelace. The women version comes in much lighter at 145grams/each or 290grams/pair. How light is that?
For comparison, an "A" sized chicken egg weigh 55-60grams. Now, that is just three eggs we are talking about. A large Dole banana (6 inches) is about 120grams without the skin (don't ask me how i know...hahaha!).
Super A typically above 75grams. AA about 65grams. A is up to 60grams. B is up to 55grams.
So, technically, a pair of PureDrift is like tying one banana on one leg and packing three eggs on the other. It's that light.
The PureDrift comes with the a host of features with the most notable being the TDM or Tuned Density Midsole that allow for differences in shoe structure to deliver a custom cushioning that is just nice for the wearer (and in this case, based on gender). This is made possible with the usage of DNA. In the previous PureGrit review, you learnt about Brooks BioMoGo technology and the Brooks DNA technology. It claims to have 30% better cushioning than standard EVA material which also claims to provide up to two times the energy return upon maximum impact. This is what Brooks classify as "Feel More For Less". With the DNA technology, you can expect soft comfort when you want it, firm support when you need it. Working with BioMoGo, Brooks DNA responds to your every step, dispersing impact and providing ideal comfort and protection as the pace changes.
The features. No Rocket Science But nice to know.
Now, Enough Of The Eggs And Bananas, Show Us The F****ing shoes!
Sorry, I have the bad habit of going off-tangent. Without further delay, here is how the PureDrift looked like, out of the box.
From my posting on Double Yolk Miracle
OK. I am just joking. Hahaha! Here is the PureDrift!
Dual Toe Flex. Instead of ONE groove, it has two. Allow more "feel" between feet and ground.
Closer look at the Grooves.
The Ideal Heel. Shaped like a human heel. Promotes Mid-foot strike.
As I prepared this shoe for my Powerman Duathlon Race, I changed the laces to my own homemade DIY elastic lace. This is to allow FAST transition (which i fail all the time) and also prevent the shoe laces from untying itself. However, do note that the stock lace has bumps on them that actually prevents it from happening.
Super-Minimalistic now, ain't it?
A Perfect Side View of the PureDrift
If you noticed, the last (or shoe shape close to human feet) contours to your feet giving you the "glove-like" feel. 
PureProject 2. No relation to a certain national car brand.
The PureDrift comes with a fully removable Sockliner. What is awesome about this is that removal of the liner will reveal the inner/lower part of the shoe to be fully lined as well - unlike the usual "stitches" you will see.
The P2 logo denotes PureProject 2
Noticed the yellow inner part of the shoe? That allows you to go sock-less. 
More With Less (sockliner) :D
So What If It Has Removable Sockliner? My XXX also can!
You see, the PureDrift pride itself as Brooks' first true minimalist shoe. Infact, it is sort of a Jekyll and Hyde. With the Sockliner, the shoe has a 4mm drop (aka the differences in height between the front/forefoot to the heel). What this meant is that your heel is "elevated" 4mm higher than the front of your feet - a big No-No for minimalist believer.
Nice pastel. Makes you go...ahhh? 
The bottom part, which gives the sockliner grip over the inner part to prevent slippages.
Once you remove the Sockliner, you turn the PureDrift into a Zero Drop shoe - ready for almost barefoot experience. Awesome?
Take Me Out Now?
You can see the Dual Toe Flex better in the photo above. This shoe, out of the box, looked fast. It's intimidates your ego. I was afraid to wear it for a run for fear I could not keep up with it. Reputation is at stake.
Option for Barefoot (no shoes), 4mm drop and Zero Drop.
If you noticed, the shoe toe box is large. Possibly largest among all the Pure Project family. That is good, because you can see I got really big feet. You know what they say about men with huge feet right?
Yeap, they need big shoes. My PureGrit was Size US11 or 29cm. I tried an US11 on PureDrift and found it to be too roomy. A size down at US10 or 28cm fits perfectly - but that is with the Sockliner on. Removing the Sockliner, my toes gained a bit of room (to be precise, a breadth of the shoelace wide)
Yeap, that's the thickness of the Sockliner.
I am in the midst of getting Brooks Malaysia to confirm if 1/2 size is available. Brooks Malaysia will bring in up to size US13 for this shoe and it will be available in 1/2 sizes increment. This could possible allow for better fit if your toes are significantly uglier bigger than mine.
Don't rush out to buy this first. You won't be able to as the shoe is only due to hit the store on January 1, 2013. So, yes, you see/read/understand about it here first. Stay tuned as a full-on review of me using the shoes with and without the Sockliner aka 4mm and Zero Drop will be published soon. Meanwhile, scroll up and see more of the shoes. Click on the photos as I've uploaded higher resolution for your scrutiny. 

Brooks Malaysia Official Website : Brooks Malaysia Here
Brooks Malaysia Official Facebook Page: Brooks Facebook


  1. Nice review. Looking forward on long term review. Do you feel the DNA unit swelling after long run?

    1. I wouldn't say Long Term review. But one that involved the Powerman running distance will be up next week. With a video review too! :D

  2. Wowww I just cant wait for January 2013 to come by already... A must buy shoes, I think... Tired of getting my shoe soles being exhausted due to heel strike prone... Even my ON shoes r getting the same effects already... I wud luv to run midfoot strike all the way... It looks purrfect to me... =D