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Brooks Frunners: BioMoGo Is To Go Green!

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From the people that are serious about fun running, Brooks has lead the pack particularly about the environmental friendly technology behind the construction of Brooks running shoes. By now, you would had known about the Brooks current promotion that starts today (September 1) for the RM150 Trade-In Offer.
Brooks, Shoes, BioMoGo,
Be Green + Run Happy = Go Green
Brooks, Shoes, BioMoGo,
RM150 for your next "Green" Shoe.
As you know, there are not just one or two choices of shoes in Brooks outlet. You be spoilt for choices!
I want that, that, that and this. And this one too.
The good thing about choices here is that they all share the same common Green Technology by Brooks. Do you know that the Brooks BioMoGo is the first-ever biodegradable running shoe mid sole?. A non-toxic, natural additive known as the MoGo compound is added to each pair of Brooks shoes that it will encourage anaerobic microbes to digest it once it reaches a landfill. 

Brooks, Shoes, BioMoGo,
MoGo. You can also read it as MORE Go. :):)
This technology makes the shoes able to biodegrade 50 times faster than any other conventional shoe material (particularly made from EVA or Ethylene-vinyl acetate).
Brooks, Shoes, BioMoGo,
Green Go. MoGo.
To put in perspective, it will reduce the breakdown period to 20 years - certainly a point to ponder as many other shoes are made with synthetic and plastic derivatives that will last forever. This technology doesn't mean that Brooks shoes are not "long lasting". The bio-degradation only starts once it reaches the landfill by presences of her microbes and gases at an enclosed landfill.
Perhaps, the photo will explain better ;-)
The mid sole do not just degrade, they BIO-degrade. This is possible with three condition that is low in oxygen, high in moisture and with a lot of microbes. By having the mid sole biodegrade, it will return the nutrients to the ground and make it more sustainable for the Earth. Winner.
To put it lightly,this is how Brooks illustrate the BioMoGo technology.
It is definitely good to know that the Brooks Cascadia5 i am wearing has BioMoGo in the mid sole - it really brings a new meaning to the phrase "Trail Hugger meet Tree Hugger". As most of you know, i do have my "activist" streak and i will advocate clean healthy living - being green is one of them. For that, i am waiting for my Brooks PureGrits. Fingers cross on the review!
Brooks Pure project : PureGrit trail specific shoe
At Brooks, the BioMogo technology are one of the way the company is helping the environment. As they say, BioMoGo is "Just One Stride". Now, if you are as environmental friendly, perhaps, there is no better time than now (or within September 2012) to get yourself a pair of Brooks with BioMogo technology!
Brooks, Running, DNA, BioMoGo, Hydroflow

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  1. I usually buy my running shoes at K-Mart or something, but I'll need to look into these.

    Mine always fall apart after a year, so I'm obviously doing something wrong.