Tuesday, September 04, 2012

CRKT M16-13FDZ Review

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Fresh from my CRKT M16-14ZER review, i could not resist but to show case this limited edition-no longer in production knife i acquired via a friend. This item perhaps numbered in the thousands and could possibly still be found on some online stores, but they are getting harder to find and you might already starting to pay above the recommended pricing for it.

The knife i am talking about is the M16-13FDZ made by CRKT. Custom knife maker Kit Carson has designed this special M16 for the Fire Department to meet the very tough and stringent requirement of those serving in the Search & Rescue operations.
Less than the length of your typical pen
FD stands for Fire Department and Z for Zytel (handle). This M16 uses the InterFrame build with 420J2 stainless steel liners - an indication of where this EDC will usually go where other knives might not - into the unknown.
The handle are injection-molded Fire Engine Red Zytel which is a tough, strong composite of fiberglass and nylon designed to handle the worst abuse. The scale ensure a sure-grip in any situation wet or dry and that is important in time of rushed emergency and organised rescue.
Smaller flipper
 One hand opening and closing is silky smooth and all it takes is an assuring flick to open the EDC.
Opened. LAWKS-ed.
The CRKT AutoLAWKS turns the EDC to a fixed blades. It lend confidence to use it under immediate and extreme pressure condition during emergency response like to cut away belts or rope confidently without worrying that the blade will fold back and take your fingers away.
AutoLAWKS mechanism and the 4-position clips. Ambidextrous thumb studs with checkered surface provides instant access in any circumstances.
The blade is AUS8 coated with Titanium coated Nitride for maximum corrosion resistance and comes as usual, razor sharp. With triple serration on the spear-point (with fake upper hollow), it ensures an almost resistant free cutting or slicing.
Feels at home in your hand
What make this EDC special? Apart from it being specially made for the Fire Department, it is the inclusive use of the 1* Shield logo on the knife.
One-Ass-To-Risk. Protects it!
People take risk everyday in life. The decision to cross the street. The decision to start smoking. The ever mundane decision that we make everyday. The men (and women) that patrol the streets to ensure safety for all sometimes will get too bold. The more experienced they are, the less significant the risk (deem dangerous by normal people) they will take. The message is clear - You got only One-Ass-To-Risk; and it is yours.
Gary Paul Johnston collaborating with Kit Carson and CRKT.
 Get out alive and make sure you take your buddy out as well.

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  1. Man, how cool is that thing! I had a green beret knife a few years back. Things are killer!