Monday, September 10, 2012

Brooks Frunners : A Farewell Run To Ro-Lance Cheah

There are many reasons to run. Some of us run for health or to lose weight. Some are doing it to prove a point that they can do it. Some enjoy the competitive streaks over the weekend. For myself, running is more of a social engagement. I know a lot of my current group of friends via running and the triathlon that I do. To begin with, i am never the competitive sports person - but i believe in giving and doing my best to beat myself. The benchmark has always been myself. 
Having said all that, Last Saturday i ran with a good buddy, Roland (or known as Ro-Lance to me) that will be migrating to Australia. I know I have to show him a good time, more so it was the first and the last time i will run with him in the trails. You see, I usually ride mountain bike with him in the trails. 
The Man on his Titanium Bike and Rollof system.
So, back to Run Happy - The last i ran with Roland was actually almost four years back when we ran from my old home in Damansara Perdana towards the highway (tunnel) and back. I struggled to keep up of course. He was the one that showed me about minimalist footwear - something almost unheard off back then. Some of the entries in this blog was inspired by him. Which i then put into research and tested it on myself. Improvisation came quick. So fast forward four years and here we were again, squaring it off in Kiara. 
With the Zero-To-Hero's Heroes.
I look forward to running. Roland would agree that running is the most basic of exercise. We both agree that if we can still run, we definitely can still bike, and swim. Many races are won on foot (where multi-event, days, discipline sports are concerned) and it is not a surprise that running does makes me happy. More so if done with a bunch of like-minded friends.
Brooks Running Run Happy
We met up at Bukit Kiara at 7.30am and I have more or less decided what and where we will run - after all, it is his last excursion out in Bukit Kiara. I know he will miss this place. But i also know, he will be happier in the new place. The route has been planned and to suit him, I've ensured I was fully amp-ed up for the task. It will not be an easy task to keep up with Roland, let alone LEAD him in the trails that he knows like the back of his hands.
Ti(tanium)-minator Cheah
We started off pretty easy in the Office which got the 1.4km covered in about 10minutes. A decent 8:00 pace throughout. That has set the heart rate pumping for most of us. Shang was with us too that morning and recovering from a bad fall down Plan C a week earlier. 
Taken from Shang's facebook. He fell crossing a wooden bridge, landed in the drain, cracked his helmet and had the bike crank landed on the side of his knee. Ouch. But...he was HAPPY.
I know, we are a sick bunch of people. We love the suffering and the burn it gives when we pushes ourselves. From Office, we went up the tarmac to Magic Carpet. From there onwards, the route took us past 4K and exit at the crossroad/second guardhouse. By then, my heart was screaming at 165bpm, if not more. Taking it easier as we were to be back at the park to wait for Hafidz, Foo and Phui Tin, which will join us for a run as well. 
Back to the park. Bumped into Mike and Hafidz was there already. Foo went off himself and Phui Tin called in not too well.
The four of us then took to the trails again, this time, entering Office the second time, then up Coronary Bypass and up towards Lungbuster in a relentless pursuit of HRmax. Running up LungBuster skipping the endless switchback, but going up a trail long forgotten got my HR shot up to the roof of my head. 168bpm - and that is just walking up the impossible incline.
Check out those quads on Shang-pion
It was awesome. If that wasn't sufficient, Roland continued running passing the Tokong (up Twin Peaks) and cheerfully said "Yes, i finally managed to overtake you today". I tried catching up, but obviously failed to the super-power known as Ro-Lance. It was awesome.
Waiting near the Twinpeak's peak. HRmax workout. Happy is an understatement
As you can see from the photo below. Everyone that we bumped into either run happy or ride happy. No reasons not too since we were all close to nature and the people that were like our extended families.
Looking at the calves' sizes, there were enough horsepower to outrun/ride a Ferrari in the jungle.
As for myself, Roland, Shang and Hafidz, we continued onwards down DirtyDeeds and that was an awesome downhill. I been taking videos of runs in the trails and it is just a matter of time when i will invest in a proper camera to capture a less "Blair Witch" video. But here is me, holding the camera to my face, running down the fast trails. You can see the amount of concentration it takes and take a listen to my footsteps to get an idea of speed and even air time (yes, i was hopping and jumping). Also, a message to Roland after minute 2:00.
From there, we went down the trail and ran Snake & Ladder. Love the undulating technical aspect of this route.
Roland and Shang close behind. Gotta run faster!
Charging up an incline...and time for camwhoring. 
It was a good outing. A sad one nevertheless, as this buddy will start a new life in Aussieland come this weekend. There won't be another Ro-Lance. But his legacy lives on in Kiara. Meanwhile, Run Happy in Aussieland and i look forward for another run with you soon!
The rare moment that he take a sip from his hydration pack. This chap is a monster!
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Running Down Cautiously, but HAPPY. Wifey in pink on Brooks Cascadia

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