Saturday, September 29, 2012

Salomon X Trail 2012 Route

Just got back from the race recce. For those of you racing it tomorrow, here is the route and elevation profile. I would say that the route is 100% runnable and it is not technical trail. Expect fast runners. I will be marshaling tomorrow and look out for me and two other friends on our Mountain Bike catching runners that sleep by the trails. ;-)
Trail route and trail elevation profile. At most, 130m gain over the 11km. Can be considered as "flat"and runnable
Here are some highlight you will or might see around the course, that is, depending how fast you run and where you look. :)
Trail head starts after 1km of tarmac
First Bump
This small bump - twice
View from the top of the small bump

Around KM6. See how small the two Ironman Marshall were? Another Small bump lah.

Majority of the trail is like this
I can imagine some of you running down fast on this
NOT edible ya
Red gravel with highway size trails that you can sprint as fast as you can
Over? Under? Rolling? Crawling?
We like this too much, we do it TWO times
If First time you do not succeed
Try and Try again
The romantic UPM lake
Don't Be lazy and sleep ya...
See you all tomorrow!


  1. This is helpful Ee Van. I can't wait for my first Salomon run. Hope to see you tomorrow.

    1. See You tomorrow. Please say hi when you see me!

  2. Thanks bro... look forward to my first trail run. This is my home ground as I'm a UPM student :)

  3. Hi Ee Van! Me and the girlfriend met you at Brooks yesterday. We wanted to say thank you and that we appreciate your tips and advice very much. So much so, that we ended up getting the Adrenaline GTS 12 for myself and the Ghost 5 for her (at RM 150 off each!) :D

    Your site is such an inspirational read, and though we're fairly new at this, we hope to run 42kms someday. Your passion, knowledge and willingness to share it can only do good, we know it made a whole lot on us :)

    Thanks Again,
    Iylia & Jihan

    1. Hello Iylia (and Jihan). :)Nice to meet you both too. I was just helping Peter as he was alone in the shop and just sharing what i know about shoes. I am constantly looking for bargain and couldn't resist one.

      We all start somewhere and when i started, there was no one to show or guide. Pay it forward with the knowledge that you learnt. Run safe and hope to catch you both again one day. Happy that i made two new friends yesterday at the Brooks shop. :D

  4. It was great fun running that route yesterday! You guys who are involved in the race are AWESOME!

    Chuckled at the sight of the lembu. One was making so much noise when we passed by and with the majority of the back-runners (US lah) stopping and taking photo of it scratching against a tree. xD

    p.s. Wish I saw this post before the run. :)


    1. Lina - Oh yes, We had fun cycling the route and i had many offers (monetary) to take my bike and i run. :)

      That bull (Frisian cow) was on heat...or maybe he was just happy to see so many pretty girls running around ;-)

      Well done on finishing the cross trail run!