Friday, September 07, 2012

Nike We Run KL 2012 Registration

The race registration for Nike We Run KL 2012 is officially closed - 6 hours after it opened for registration. 15,000 entrance in 6hours. (or in 6:30?)

For those in the know, the race has been taking in registration at public universities and colleges as early as early August. So, this come as little surprise.

For those of you that missed the registration - perhaps, try again next year.


  1. tried to register at website at - 9.15 tak boleh masuk, well have to lepas this one lah

  2. I got in at 2nd attempt and managed to register. Guess I was lucky. How about you?
    By the way, thought of sharing: PB for me at KOTR today.

    Point Time Time of Day Pace
    START 00:00:00 7:02:56 am --
    5.5K 00:29:43 7:32:39 am 05:25
    FINISH 00:58:48 8:01:43 am 06:28
    Avg. Pace 05:53

  3. Good Stuff Johnson! Sub 1hour in that crowd was awesome stuff!