Friday, September 28, 2012

Food Review : Good Luck Sg. Rengit

Post Desaru 116 Race, wifey treated me to some real food. After burning close to 3,000kcal, i believe I can allow myself a bit of indulgence. Technically speaking, the nett caloric expenditure is perhaps about 3,000kcal, taking into consideration the required BMR, the breakfast and the sports nutrition i took along the way. 
Isotonics, Sports Drink, Banana, Gel, Bars...Do not overeat/overcompensate
Three years ago (2009), we went to Teluk Sengat (total distance is 60km), which is halfway between Desaru and Kota Tinggi for dinner with a bunch of friends. This year, with only the family around, we decided to try the Sg. Rengit seafood. Very much tauted as the "must go" by fellow racers and believe me when i say I have never stepped foot there, it seems to be the natural choice.
Landmark is Shell Station, Turn left.
Direction to the Restaurant (Good Luck Sg. Rengit) from Desaru roundabout is pretty simple. Take the 9 o'clockThere is only one trunk road with sufficient road signage. Just go towards Teluk Ramunia and Sungai Rengit and you will be there in 25km or 30minutes slow drive along the trunk road. I would advise that you go there before the sun set so you do not need to drive in darkness both ways. There is no streetlights on the inner trunk road.
Good Luck is situated at Jalan Teluk Ramunia, which is about 200m from the only petrol station in the area. You will come from Jalan Siakap and just follow the signage to Shell. Turn right at the junction in front of Shell and you will see the restaurant on your right side.
Restaurant and Sundry shop all in one.
As there was only myself and wifey that will be eating the seafood, we decided on a crab dish, a squid dish, an egg dish and a vegetable. We gotten a serving of fried rice for the kids to share. When it comes to drinks, it gotta be the coconut - the best isotonic ever.
The first dish we ordered was an egg dish and no less, when you are at a seafood place, you get Or-Chien or egg omelet with oysters. Small serving on a hot plate cost RM15.
100% Eggs with Oysters
What we love about this dish is that there was only eggs used as the batter. Unlike what you usually get that has mixture of flour and eggs (to reduce cost) that ends up goo-ey, this version had the oyster all over the top of the eggs and then mixed up in front of you for that hotplate sizzling effect.
Next was the fried squid - which was rather predictable.
Been a while...Hello there
The squid was fried in light flour batter and had the squid still crunchy and not chewy (overcooked). Kids took a liking to this most likely due to the fried nature. Small serving is RM12.
We then had Crabs. As the minimum order is 1kg, we opted for it to be cooked with salted eggs.
1kg = 3crabs
I must say that the portion served for 1kg worth of crabs in Sg. Rengit is commendable. What we got is 3 medium sized crabs. It sort of made me feel that my last purchase from one of PJ's seafood place a few months ago was a big ripoff (i only got 1.5 crabs for 1kg) which looked exactly like the above. The crabs were cooked to perfection and all claws were sufficiently broken so no tools were needed. The crabs were generously coated with salted egg and curry leaves and we actually felt there were more salted eggs than what we tasted before. 1kg of crab is RM65. Which is RM5 cheaper than PJ.
The last dish was more of an impromptu decision. Something that I've always eaten when i was working in East Malaysia. Known locally as Gong-gong, it is actually sea snail.
It is actually nice to eat. Not very much different from squid but with a slightly sweeter taste. It goes well with the ginger sauce provided - presumably to remove/mask the slightly "sea water taste".
Edible except the claw
A small portion is RM12 which runs up to about 2 dozens shells. We had a serving of green vegetable which is RM14 for a small serving. Total bill for the food comes up to RM135 which was not too bad if not because of the crab. Price wise, they are considered to be on the up-market side assuming that they receive more Singapore tourist than Malaysians.
So, if you are around the area for whatever reasons and looking for some good food, do consider Good Luck and try out some of the seafood that they have on offer. I will return again if i come back to race Desaru.

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