Monday, September 24, 2012

Tiger Balm : Neck & Shoulder Rub Review

Neck and shoulder ache are common for working adults spending endless hours looking at the computer screen or having their upper torso all bunched up while typing on the small laptop keyboard. Add on the stress of the demanding job scope and with little or no time to stretch while sitting at the desk adds on to the burden on the shoulder and neck.
Common shoulder and neck ache while working every day? Get help.
Personally for me, with endless hours working and the commitment as an amateur athlete clocking in mileages on the swim, bike and run leaves me with very little time to sort out some of these discomfort in every day’s life. While I am lucky to be discipline enough to stretch and do my Yoga; apart from standing while doing work (at the table) to allow for some movement. However, for those time that “I do not have”, I have found help with the Tiger Balm Neck & Shoulder Rub.
Boost on left. Normal on Right.
I received the Tiger Balm Neck & Shoulder Rub in two variants. A pack of normal rub in Lavender fragrance and a stronger strength “Boost”. The normal rub has a very nice lavender smell and many of those into aromatherapy will know that it calms the nerves and the mind. That’s pretty good considering the Neck & Shoulder Rub already will start to ease up those knots. The Boost has a refreshing scent and provides a longer lasting effect. Personally, having BOTH in hand will help for different degree of ache.
Gonna let the whole office try this…
As I put both the rub to test, I noticed that they are non-greasy and does not leave an oily residue on skin after application. Almost immediately after application, the fast absorption into the skin allows efficient relief of the aches and tension.  I felt it working. The soothing and refreshing fragrance as well as special formulation which acts efficiently provides relief to the tension and knotted muscle in the neck and shoulders. The rub worked between 30mins (for normal) and 45minutes (for Boost) after application and I still felt the cold tingling sensation on my neck and shoulder. I would recommend you to try the normal variant first as the Boost is for stronger relief of aches and pains .
The rub disappearing as I rub it on my fingertips
Massage On The Go

The “Massage On The Go is like a spa session at work with a pair of invisible hand smoothing out the knots on your neck and shoulder. With the smaller and more streamlined packaging where it could be put inside a handbag (for ladies) or in the workbag (for men, or generally). Taking up very little space in the bag and best of all, having the rub within reach when you need it allows the users to enjoy soothing massage wherever they are.
In my laptop work bag. Fits into the pocket I place a full size mouse
Specially formulated for the neck & shoulder region, these two products live up to its name. It provides temporary relief to both the shoulder and neck while typing and working and the scent sort of rejuvenate (Boost with stronger menthol smell) or eases you to handle the stress more with the Lavender smell (the normal variant)
Massage On The Go
The Tiger Balm Neck & Shoulder Rub cost RM14.90 for the normal variant and RM16.90 for the Boost. It can be purchased from leading pharmacies (I’ve spotted them at Carings and Guardian) and AEON Wellness store (aka Jusco in Malaysia).
Tiger Balm has been around for a long time and it is known worldwide. Trusted by many (I remember putting on Tiger Balm on insect bites and even muscle ache while growing up) and it is also approved by Malaysia’s Ministry of Health. Get yours today. Try it to get the “Massage On The Go” treatment. You Deserves it.
Selling off fast

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