Friday, September 07, 2012

The (Ugly) Truth Of Local Malaysian Coffee

The ugly truth of the local roasted coffee is that they contain only up to 79% coffee, with some possibly higher, but never 100% coffee. Often the balance comes from other addictive such as salt, sugar and even margarine. Some utilises sesame seed to give that signature aroma and a majority uses flour as a bulking agent. Essentially, these ingredients are mixed while the coffee bean were being roasted to give the distinctive "quality and flavour" synonym with local coffee. A quick check at a local grocery store reveal three different local coffee. I was not disappointed and what will be shown herewith are what most of us Malaysians are drinking everyday. To put it mildly, you are not getting your money worth.
Opps...only 50% Coffee! No wonder Nice and sweet!
No indication on the "purity". But you get to make Coffee Dough if the flour is substantial.
79% - good enough? But why cereal?
Herewith lies the problem. Firstly, it is a sin to treat coffee bean this way - not much different from those "caramel" and "Vanilla" flavoured coffee. Secondly, how can they be healthy? All the while, those ignorant or unknown would had thought that a cup of coffee contains ZERO calories. With these additive placed in, they carry up to 10kcal/cup - and that is before any sugar, creamer, condensed milk etc. are added. A harmless "brew" will come close to 200kcal/cup. 
KawKawLatLat. Do i miss it? At times...
If you are like me and love your coffee, perhaps, it is time for reflection. Drinking coffee without sugar and creamer, even without milk - is actually very rewarding. With ZERO calories and potentially helping to raise your metabolism up, you get to learn, and appreciate these humble beans as they are meant to be - without any food additives.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this :)

    It actually struck me earlier this week when I was trying to find what is the calorie content for a cup of coffee and found "margarine and salt" on the packaging. Was thinking to myself if this is OK and you had written it here.

    Thanks again :) now where do we get good coffee?

  2. 100% coffee... ? Just as you would have a booze of 100% alcohol... ?! :-)

  3. Penyelamat Dunia - :) I was also suprised. When i started drinking coffee, i always thought it is ZERO kcal. Then someone insist it is 4kcal or something like that. I say, can't be. So she pass me the packaging label...and i saw why...that was almost 4 years back. :)

    Anon - 100% alky you will be blind. :)

  4. Do Nik - yes. Local coffee are roasted with margarine. The ugly truth.

  5. Bro OP Stupe,

    I feel cheated if I ordered coffee at a coffee shop & get the local 1malaysia version of the adulterated kopi, so I stick to brewing my own coffee at home, and enjoying the real coffee black ( no sugar please....)... or else i will just drink plain mineral water ...

    OP mood

  6. OP Mood - i rest my case! :) Now i am enjoying a shot of pure black no sugar brewed coffee!

  7. Perhaps there's a reason why local (oriental nanyang-style?) coffee roasted with margarine in the 1st place? (vs. 100% pure black in western chains)

    Was it a conscious rip-off since day one by those coffee marketeer back in the early days?? Or could it be a matter of taste preference? (of our great grand uncles grand aunties)

    Ya, no sane soul would want 100% alky when trying to enjoy a booze -- it'd be ugly.

    But, it's a beauty when you get 100% coffee -- guess that's the irony Anon was trying to suggest?

    Sorry Anon for taking the liberty to (try) mis?interpret your comment.

    Anon, 2 ^_^

  8. Anon 2. - Perhaps you are right. There could be a reason why this happened and has happened all these while. Distintively, Malaysian Coffee does has it's own character.

    I guess i am too caught up with the health aspect of it. But yes, i guess the "taste" is really based on individual.

    Can you think of the reasons why it's done with Margarine? I've actually wrote an article on this due to be out somewhere next week on the coffee roasting process.

    Perhaps, the reasons for this was initially on mass production, which by then, actually gave the local roast their own signature flavour.

    Keep these comment coming. :)

  9. I was surprised also. After be really sick after drink old coffee, i made some researches and I asked on tamu (free market) why they mix flour, sugar and margarine :
    They told me : because coffee it s too light, they can justifie to charge more money by grams.

    It s just greediness, because the taste it s not good and also absolutly not healthy at all.

    It s the same topic about ignorance ad harmfull practice: why people melt plastic with oil in the frit bananas : to make more crispy.

    Can you imagine the effects ? Crazy !

    1. I stopped or drinking way less local coffee anymore. Buying beans and often grinding it before using the percolator. :)

      On the Pisang Goreng - i think it's old wives' tale... not seen any to be honest, maybe what they did was using tempura flour mixed with the usual flour to get the extra crispiness.