Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Wrapping Your Meal Tristupe Way

Choices to healthier eating comes in many form. While some would feel the fast food grilled chicken and wrap is their version of healthy food, a cheaper and definitely healthier alternative lies in their own kitchen if they look hard enough. For lunch and even possibly dinner. They are easy to make and best of all, not too hard to gather all the ingredient.
For the wrap, there are a few choices available and it is about RM7 per pack for 8 wraps.
Or you can use capati...

Compulsory butter and cheese, if you like them
Rock salt and Sarawak black pepper - fancy grinder optional
You then make some eggs and fry quarter them. If you can make them thin without breaking, better. But we aren't to choosy.
Fried with butter
 Cut some fresh vegetables and we had tomatoes and lettuce. Fridge always have this in case we want to make some salad out of it.
Good even if you eat it on it's own.
For this wrap, we found a can of sardine and decided to use it (out of can directly, no heating up). I usually would not want too much processed food items, but had to be flexible - just don't make it a habit. Once you gather all of them, spread the wrap with some butter, lay quarter of the fried egg, half and arrange the cheese lengthwise, place the vegetables, spread the sardine and top them up with some salt and pepper.
almost ready
 You then roll it up in any way you want and bon appetit!
Each serving is about 400kcal and provides a balance amount of carbs, protein and fat. With sufficient fiber and very little cooking involved. Alternatively, you can replace the sardine with Tuna, which is possibly a healthier option.


  1. Yeah, too much sodium in canned sardine imho. but great meal tip, thanks for sharing! Must check out the wraps you showed... I think stuffing tuna + mayo or turkey slices would be excellent.

  2. Sardine in all fairness, has loads of Calcium. Can always balance the sodium with banana aka potassium.

    skip the Mayo. Notice my wrap has no "dressing". :)