Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Brooks: Trade-In Your Old Shoes For RM150

Many of us runners has many shoes for different purposes. Some of us has more than "just 3 pairs" that we use for training, race or even as a spare. Rule of thumbs dictates that each pair should be replaced after 500-700km of run - and on the legs of a high mileage runner, that could easily meant one new pair every quarter.
My Arsenals of Gears
Apart from the above, I have retired 3 other shoes over the period of 6 months due to "over-distance". Not being a sponsored amateur athlete forces me to utilise each pair until the very last meter. 
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Looking at my "mileage" above, My Brooks Cascadia5 and Ghost3 will be due for retirement soon. Throwing them away would be a waste and I am constantly looking for a bargain. So when i found out that Brooks Malaysia is offering a "trade in your shoe" campaign - my eyes lit up.
RM150 trade in offer!
So, if you have a pair or two (or three) shoes laying around that needed replacement, or that wrongly bought shoes that fitted you so badly, perhaps it is time to head over to Brooks outlet in Malaysia and get the RM150 trade in to purchase other shoes. The trained product specialist would be able to assist with the correct type so you can Run Happy again. If you do not know or not aware of the pricing structure of Brooks shoes, they average about RM375/pair (with some coming in slightly less than RM350 and some as expensive as RM499). For that price (before discount of RM150), you are getting a FUNCTIONAL running shoes and not just a FASHION shoe. I am a Brooks convert, so is wifey.
The varities to suit!
This campaign runs for the whole of September (1st to 30th, both days included) and at participating outlets only. Correct at this point of writing, it is at all Brooks outlet. If in doubt, please contact

For a full list of outlets and resellers in Malaysia, click here

Update September 1, 2012: 
I just got news from Brooks Malaysia on the RM150 trade-in offer. Good news if you are buying online ;-)

What kind of shoes can you bring to qualify for a rebate? Any shoe, and any brand is acceptable! You can bring your old  running shoes, walking shoes, badminton shoes or football shoes.  You can also bring your old high heels, flats, sandals, or slippers. You can even bring your old rubber boots, school shoes or scouting shoes. Or even your baby-grow-big-cannot-wear-anymore shoes!
As long as it is something you wear on your foot, by definition it is a shoe. It's that simple.
The RM150 rebate is applicable off the retail price, for the following 10 models -Glycerin 10, Ghost 5, Ravenna 3, Trance 11, Adrenaline GTS 12, Cascadia 7, Pure Connect, Pure Flow, Pure Cadence and Pure Grit.
That's right. Bring an old pair of shoes, and save RM150 on a new pair of Brooks! As part of our Go Green campaign, we would like to help you recycle your old shoes. And make you happy at the same time.
For online purchases from Brooks Malaysia, we can offer you a RM150 rebate on any of the 10 models. Just promise us you will recycle your old shoes properly, and we can deliver your new Brooks shoes to you for free! Anywhere within Peninsular Malaysia.


  1. Wow. That is fast. 39km for Nike free?

  2. Andrew - it should be 39+127+the balance since i last did the screen capture. It's the same shoe that i complained falling apart...

  3. Nike frees are my default choice though I admit it's really fashion only lol
    But comfortable la. 4 pairs so far, each pair lasts 2 yrs.
    But I'll definitely look into this offer (trade in those Nike Frees, hehehehe)! Thks EV for the heads up! :)

  4. Becky - unfortunately so. i was surprised it can't last me the way it should. 200km and possibly less...alamak...

    i am trading in the Free for the 150 to get another pair of Brooks. I am a convert.

  5. barefoot 80km - means after 500-700km need to retire barefoot? LOL

    You have a good collection of shoes there, i will be trying on my first run on Ghost soon. Seeing that you have ran in them, any comments?

  6. Bro - i wish i can tukar after 700km (barefoot). :)

    I love ghost. I keep it for competition only now. many loves it too and there is no reason why you won't.

    Have fun with the Ghost bro!

  7. I will visit their outlet soon :)

  8. Chen - anything below 500 is worth the RM150 trade in, above it, taking the 30% discount typical gives you a better deal ;-)

  9. Hi Ee Van, I got the Cascadia 7 at RM249 yesterday (after RM150 discount from RM399). I tested it out immediately at Bukit Tabur, Melawati this morning for a hike up and down the treacherous hills (for my standard).

    I am very satisfied with the shoes, plenty of grip especially climbing up and down those quartz stones. Perfect while running through the muddy terrain as well. Well spent RM249. Thanks for the post!!

  10. Johnsonlim - fantastic. I been itching to get my hand on Cascadia7. I agree. For RM249 after trade in, this shoe is a bargain.

    thanks for sharing the review. I couldn't agree with you more. I raced in Cascadia5 for almost 3 years now and not a single issue. Grip was never a problem!