Friday, August 17, 2012

Travelling Toronto And Niagara Falls Part 4

Onwards from Ottawa, i landed in Toronto, the Business capital of Canada. To say that i was in Toronto will not be accurate as the hotel that I stayed was in Mississauga - about 20km away from Toronto proper. It appears that Toronto has two airport - one for International flights and one more for the more effluent with private planes to land right next to Toronto business district for faster access to business dealing.
Looked scary as if the plane is heading for CN Tower. Scarier that the plane seems to be flying same level as your plane towards the same (airport) direction
Toronto was very different from Ottawa. In fact, they are both so different that i felt Toronto was almost like Kuala Lumpur with more immigrants walking about - that was my first impression as i got off the plane from Ottawa to Toronto. 
Novotel Mississauga in late evening/night...9pm
We checked into Novotel Mississauga which is pretty decent but looked pretty "high traffic" with many tourists and travellers going in and out. I pre-booked the room at CAN$140++/night and this was what i got; a room with two super single bed.
Home, for the next two days
But for all it's worth, at 8th floor, my room opened up to the sight of the main intersection of Mississauga. The Absolute Tower aka Marilyn Monroe Building.
Long shutter. ISO200 F8 15seconds. Simply love the sky hue. Taken at 5am before i went for a run
One thing i noticed in hotel rooms in Ottawa and Mississauga is that they have Coffee To Go (complimentary) which is actual brew coffee facilities and not those crap instant coffee with sugar and creamer. Winner.
Even come with a cup you can hold. :)
As I arrived earlier in the evening, I went to the shopping mall a stone throw away from the hotel known as Square One. Think of it as One Utama, only slightly smaller.
I might had found a new thing to capture - fire hydrant and signage
Nothing of much interest there and the main purpose was for dinner - and because of the limited choices with healthy (and cheap food), i settled for A&W. Do you know that A&W has it's history in Canada too? So what do one do when overseas and faced with the horror of having to eat fast food?
Papa Burger by A&W Canada
I ordered a double patty burger Papa Burger. Something you won't find in Malaysia. Got myself a cup of Root Beer too and it comes with fries. I skipped the fries by giving it to the other people in the travelling party and had a bite into the burger. Surprisingly, it was much better than a Big Mac. Somehow, there were more vegetables inside and the sesame bun tasted more sesame-sy. Fast food being fast food, it is unhealthy whichever way I try to justify it.
At least looked as close to the product illustration on the menu
Shopping in Canada isn't as cheap as it seems despite having a mega store called Walmart. Items are generally about the same price with exception of more choices. Other than that, unless you are earning money there, things can be considered to be "cheap".  
Walking back to the hotel. The Ultimate Tower commands the skyline in Mississauga
And just like Ottawa, the sun set late - past 9pm. And the sky hue stays a nice blue throughout from 7pm to 9pm. I am starting to take photos of innate objects such as signage.
Something not in Bahasa Malaysia
Tired from the day's outing which consist of an early walk and then a visit to Renfrew, i call it a night as the next day, I planned for a long run around Mississauga and there was already a plan to go to Niagara Fall! There will be a separate run report for Mississauga (as Part 5) in the blog soon. Wait up for it!
The travelling party has surveyed and has rented a limo that could sit six to take us from Mississauga to Niagara Fall apart from being the designated driver for a day. 
Toronto - Land of Limo?
The driver is a Pakistani by the name of Ahmad with smoking problem and constant need to eat. He was also rude to a certain extend but perhaps he most probably thought that Asians are a pain - he certainly forgot where he was from. Lets not allow that to spoil the day's outing. It was awesome as far as i was concerned.
Was hoping for a Hummer Limo...
The ride to Niagara was pretty fun in the sense that I see vehicles i do not typically see on Malaysian road - things like huge trucks and huge cars that (the less travelled like) myself that were pretty fascinating and make me want to own one in Malaysia to fend off the tailgaters and road bullies.
The Ram - 5.7Liter Hemi V8. 
Large trucks - and no black smoke?
Thought this was rather cute.
We stopped briefly for toilet and i saw a Harley Davidson Ultra Classic Electra Glide parked at the store entrance. How to resist NOT taking any photos? Enjoy if you are a Harley lover or a bike lover!
USD21K at least.
"Helmet Law Still Suck!". There is a rebel in every BigBiker
Immaculate - 103cubic inch engine. That is 1688cc for you metric chaps!
I need a truck to carry this bike in the cargo bay
Rebel in Disguise
Even the headlight has Harley emblem
Harley Davidson's tires? You bet.
It wasn't long when we were reaching Niagara Falls. It was a surreal feeling and the decision to see this was rather last minute and out of my own pocket expenses.
Almost there!
Believe it or not, the first thing to greet anyone reaching Niagara Falls wasn't the fall itself but a glimpse of Planet Hollywood...commercialisation at it's best.
How can this be the first thing i saw??
The driver dropped us near Sheraton Hotel and we had about 3 hours to walk about Niagara Falls. Enjoy some of the photos taken here. My camera has a spec of dust and it sort of spoilt some shots. Below are some selected shots. Lesson learnt - always BRING a BLOWER!
Memorial of the War for those fallen during WW1 and WW2.
Part of the paid trip was the ride on Maid of the Mist Boat tour. It brings you close enough to the fall for you to get wet with some cooling Ontario lake water.
Heard it won't be here for long. Concessionaire ending soon.
The ride cost C$15 for tour group. Else it is C$20 for Adults. 
Walking down to the boat dock (Canada side) will make you feel a bit more excited as you can here the roaring sound of the waterfall.
Are you ready?
A lift takes you down to the lower level and nearer to the dock.
Here are some views from the dock. Noticed that it was almost noon and the temperature was a "hot" 27degree C by Canadian standard.
The other side is US of A.
Rainbow Bridge about 400m away. This bridge links US and Canada
The ferry ride took us to two of the three falls. The Horseshoe Fall, American Fall and Bridal Veil Fall. What are seen from this spot is the first two - Horseshoe and American.
The dreaded dust right in the middle and at the top left.
We went near the Horseshoe Fall. Being there make you feel so small. Can you see the people at the top of the fall in the photo below?
Imagine tumbling all the way from the top...
Thumbs up? You bet, two in fact. The raincoat was a souvenir i brought home!
5mins in the Mist.
Time to bid adieu to the Fall, for now.
This is a MUST go if you are in Canada, particularly if you are already in Toronto.
Fridge magnet which i should had bought
Postcard I should had sent

Niagara Water - which i don't think i would want...
Many "should" that i should had done. But nothing is more priceless than a proper photo - postcard worthy like the one below.
My current Desktop photo, proudly taken by myself
And of course, two more photos of the Horseshoe and the American Fall. Postcard worthy too.
Again, Horseshoe Fall
American Fall - viewed from above, it is shaped as a W.
After that, i walked about the business area of Niagara Fall area. Is this how Las Vegas would look like?
Cars do stop before the line so people can cross safely
tourist attraction aplenty
Bicycles on cars are everywhere. Wish they carry these much of choices in bike carriers in Malaysia
Graffiti outside Hard Rock Cafe
T-shirt shopping? Nah...
Something is really wrong with this Mountie...He looked like he enjoyed it much
Coke Shop. I know many Coke memorabilia fans around ;-)
Lets go inside...
I can bet you most are Made In China
A girl that trade her BF for a coke is not worth going for..All she will get is a sizzle that fizzle and drizzle...ok. Lame, i know.
Should had gotten one item home
They have a huge Hershey's chocolate shop too. Unfortunately, it is not as interesting inside than the huge bar outside. Now, if it is edible, that would be something else. I am a budget traveller.
I love Chocolate
Huge Planet Hollywood. Malaysia's branch has closed down
Another American culture - coffee. They are everywhere. Two in fact, along the same street

Being typical Malaysia, i went for the FREE samples.
As i walk around, i started to take more photos of signage. I find them interesting, especially when they are not the typical one I see at home.
It is like "Walkway to Freedom".
Betty B (oo)?
Closer look at Rainbow Bridge
A place where "Bell" is one of the company that provide telco services.
More interesting signage
He looked like Moon walking though...
More Touristy place
Why didn't i went in for some real HAMBURGER?
Truck with colorful covers. Nice!
Ford Transporter. These are used as Bus to ferry tourist to Niagara Falls.
We left Niagara Fall with much memories and headed to the Canada One Factory Outlet. I am glad sanity prevailed or i might just buy more than i should at those bargain stores. Even after conversion, the items are sold at prices you would not find in Malaysia (even during sales!). Sorry, no photo of that place but you can read all about it here. Hope you enjoyed this fourth installment of the Travel to Canada!


  1. AWESOME NIAGARA FALLS!!! wished you brought the hershey big ass kiss home!!!

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