Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Kota Damansara Community Forest Park KDCFP

There is a little gem tucked in Kota Damansara if some of you have not known. Some of you might not know that the development of Kota Damansara into what it is today has literally shrunk the Malaysian oldest forest reserves from 3900acres (since 1898) to 857acres today. In kilometer square as a function of area, it is only 3.5km2 now.
Kota Damansara as it is today. 
 Take note that Rizab Taman Botani Sungai Buloh is NOT KDCFP. The 3.5km area is a small little patch below
Yeap, that small portion in YELLOW that is KDCFP. Sad ain't it?
Ironically, a group of residents that has taken up Kota Damansara as their home fought against more development that threaten to take away the remaining 3.5km2 to be made into housing area. An area near one of the trail entrance which was gazetted as a school was re-marked for housing 
Taken from KDCFP Facebook page January 2010
Last Saturday, myself, Hafidz and Pui San went to KDCFP for a short run. Never been there, the best way to get there is to drive past the Kota Damansara Polo Club and turn left after that into Persiaran Bidara. Drive until the end of the road and you will see a school on your left. Parking is at your own risk along the main road (as it ends at a roundabout). With recent spats of crimes and break in happening at Kota Damansara, do take extra precaution if you are heading here. Not to create any false alert or anything, but better to be careful than be sorry. 
We geared up by 8.30am and headed into the trail.
Main trail head
KDCFP is made up of well marked single-track trails that are maintained to a certain extend. Despite the trails being well marked, it is sad to see how some hasher groups leave paper trails everywhere. It is littering.
Pretty cleared clearing.
The initial plan was to take the run easy as i was not feeling too well/recovered and both Pui San and Hafidz has a hard run the day before in Kiara. But with these two around, the "slow" soon started to be roof-hitting heartrate workout.
There are about 4 main trails that i can remember when running the trails. The Scout Trail, the Temuan Trail, the Petaling Trail and Tahak Sipew. The route were built with TRAKS' help and knowledge on trail building and maintenance.
Signage sufficient to prevent you from getting lost in the forest.
Obvious trademark of TRAKS...wooden bridges of good quality.
KDCFP has a ot of flat route with some uphill route. It is a potent ground for fast trail run for MaxHR purposes.
Run! Chase! Repeat!
However, as with every trails, show respect and leave no rubbish behind and do not start any fire, or throw bottles into the lake.
Sign of burning happening
And petai strewn on the ground. Not monkey work
Rubbish and bottles in the man-made lake too.
 The rest of the trail run/walk session was more of appreciating what is inside the trails. Many species of hardwood and softwood trees could be found in the forest.   
One of the more interesting root system I've seen in a while. :)
Most commonly available Meranti. Can grow up to 60m and 150cm in diameter
Common trees in Malaysian jungle. 
most widely commercialised Meranti wood. Known to grow up to 3m in diameter.
Nyatoh - Light hardwood with a good commercial price.
Meranti Kepong - another light hardwood with good commercial price
KDCFP is also famous for the man-made lake. It was actually the result of blocking off a river that runs through the forest due to development in Kota Damansara. Toman or snakehead has been making this lake home since 2000. Some anglers were seen near the lake though the place is strictly no fishing.
Sign of high BOD...pollution is taking it's toll on the lake with algae growing
Interesting water flora found near the edge of the lake
More signboard along the scout trail
We ended the run by exiting at Petaling Trail which had a rather rickety looking wooden bridge connecting it to the park trail head (to Petaling trail). It was a good 4.6km run/walk in the forest and a new place found for some fast run in the jungle training. 
No worries. Still stable. Can jump on it still. But at own risk.

So, there you have it, another choice of training ground. The park was empty except the three of us and three other mountain bikers. An advise to mountain bikers though, is to make sure that you guys/girls do not drag your brakes while going downhill and create ruts. This will in return causes the water to erode the ground faster. Mountain bikers should learn how to control their braking before they are allowed into parks! 


  1. Thanks for the overview of this new-to-me area! Looking forward to trail run here. If you are going again with a group, lemme know? Preferably after Raya.

    1. Yup, I might go this Friday, wanna see how the trail is ...

  2. Going to see some influx of trail runners soon after your posting here stupe. hopefully they will know how to take care of the trail and not littering around. I just HATE those little paper markers.

  3. If the trail runners that will go to KDCFP are the same one i know, they will take good care of it.

    I am not too sure about hashers though, as they are too prone to leave their little papers there....

    1. this place don't even need trail papers since the track itself is properly maintained and very visible. they just need to have a good sense of direction (and not to wander around, to get lost)... no need special tracking abilities like the Mohicans. :)

      (while running all by myself here, always imagining myself running after a deer.. too bad, only found some stray dogs in this jungle.)

  4. My point exactly and that was why i say they littered the forest.

    also, most of them tend to take short cut,hence making new trails and causing erosions.

    they need to be educated. But sadly, their mentality is a bit hard to change.

  5. Hi! I just discovered the KDCFP trails, after moving from TTDI to Kota Damansara for almost 6 months. Wanted to read up more about the forest reserve and Google led me to your blog. Great stuff. I think i will start trail running, in addition to my usual road running, before the school holidays are out. KDCFP is abot 5 mins drive away from my house. Whatever took me so long to find out about it, i don't know! Tatt King.

  6. TK - Lets plan one for ZICO. :) I bring all inside. :) WOuld be fun.