Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Cat's In The Cradle

A week after signing up my little girl for her ballet classes, we signed our boy for an inline skating class. Sometimes, me and wifey wondered where was the 30cm baby (at birth) that is now standing tall, and possibly will be taller than myself when he grows up. 
Like the Song Cat's In The Cradle, I do not want to end up as a father that never had time for his own kids, only to grow old later, wondering if my kids will want to spend time with me. Precious time like these will not come back.
Enjoy the photos. You can see the joy in his face, being on roller blade for the first time in his life.
Told him if he wants to learn it, he has to carry the gears himself, or put it on himself and carry it.
Full of attention..for now
Safety First. Else the Mother will be sad he falls down.
When can i skate?
New friend
Instructor was really helpful and patiences with the kids
Learning to fall. Head must be up boy, not down. Wouldn't want to mess that good looking face
Learning to stand
Almost there!
Maybe not, lets just stick to learning to walk on grass first
Envious of the friend that can skate
Helping hand, please?
Attempting, again. It is OK to fall. In life, you will always fall before you can stand.
Drinking up.
Sore Bums...But never fall, never learn!
There were more photos taken during the 1-hour session. It is all good. Family times are precious. Moments like these will never come back, ever.

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