Saturday, August 25, 2012

Brooks Frunners Challenge Launched!

Outlet was recently re-vamped.
Brooks Malaysia just launched a blog campaign known as "Blog With Brooks". The event took place The Curve, Mutiara Damansara and at none other than the Brooks outlet at Unit 204 (that's second floor - same row as Daiso). The product specialist took the opportunity to (re)introduce Brooks to the host of runners that attended the event and it was well attended by about 30 runners (that blogs too) 
Running along the tag line of "Float" and "Feel", the brand envisioned to relaunched itself in 2012 by offering the latest Fall collection that has made to the shore of Malaysia. Expect the much awaited Ghost 5 and Glycerin 10 to be available in new colors and designs. Running is no longer limited to monotonous color with bold brand stripes but has found a more flamboyant and stylish niche. After all, discerning runners would want to look good while suffering.
Just some of the range shown
Listening attentively
Runners were briefed on the technology that goes into building each shoes. Interestingly, the product specialist took time to explain about the "Float" and "Feel" Concept, which i believe, could be summed up with this illustration below.
The Float vs. Feel array. Read more about it here
Brooks has came out with their version of "minimalist" shoes since 2011 and they code named it as "Pure Project". To know what are the P1 to P4 above, you can read more about the models for Men and Women. Basically, the Feel portion of the offering refers to the minimalist shoes which offers a more direct "feel" of the runners' feet to the ground. The Float refers to the more structured and cushioned variants that has gained quite a following. I myself is a Brooks shoes "convert" having raced in Cascadia5 and Ghost3 for both my trails and road races. Wifey has since grown to ditch the other more "mainstream" brand and has the Cascadia5, Ghost4 and Glycerin9 in her arsenal of speed weaponry.
My 275miles Cascadia5 - still in service and still very sure footing in any trails. Photo from my Instagram
Part of the event proper was the announcement of the "Brooks Frunners Challenge" competition. Basically Frunners stands for Fun Runners and the brand believes that runners should not only RunHappy, they should be Fun Runners too. 
Are you?
The launch of the competition basically calls for all runners (with blogs) to participate in a month long campaign to showcase Brooks (as a brand) and all the features (which will be the theme of the week). The participants must set up a Facebook Fan Page and follow a few pre-requisite to enable them to be in the running to win up to RM800 cash and RM800 worth of vouchers (to buy Brooks products). Being a Triathlete that clocks in the mileage as part of my training and being a blogger, this opportunity is too good to miss. After all, i post one entry per (working) day - this will allow me a chance to share the "brand" apart from winning something (if i am lucky and it requires intervention from all of you my loyal readers!). To start it off, "LIKE" my Facebook Fanpage here! There will be a lot of interaction for the next one month that will be both educational and inspiring. After all, i am sharing real experiences and stories of my (sporting, working and personal) life. It is like an extension to this blog.
The mechanics of the challenge is simple and if you are interested to find out more, do email Brooks Malaysia at and request for more info on the competition. Be reminded though, that the competition is like running a long long LSD...and only those with perseverance will last the distance. If you are up for the challenge, i suggest you start right at the email above! Meanwhile, enjoy the  photos taken from the event proper below. 

With people that are addicted to serotonin and adrenaline.
Believe me when i say the guy in the foreground previously weigh 95kg at least. Now? He runs marathon for fun. Well done Alvin.
Joshua enticing the runners/Bloggers with the prizes and competition mechanic
With Super Moey, his better half and Peter, the Brooks store manager in Curve.

Signing and registering for the Frunners Challenge
Moey sharing experiences. Running bonds.
People that love pain. I run with them on weekends. Sort of like an "extended" family
My son owns a pair of Brooks Ghost 4 Adrenaline GTS for kids. His father (i.e. me) only wear a pair of Ghost 3. He is holding a pair of Glycerin10. 
Even when not exercising, runners wear something associated with running...

With Hafidz, Wifey and Pui San.
Stay tuned to this blog. There will be a lot of other running related updates especially on what Brooks has to offer for runners!
Now, if only i end up as one of their "ambassador"! Wishful thinking - but not impossible. Lets win this Frunners Challenge first!