Thursday, August 30, 2012

Awesome Raya Trail Run

Five superb run squeezed into five days of Raya Holiday. I can't complain much especially when the runs are of good quality with superb workout for the legs and heart. Some migth cringe at the repeatative route, but we as human as creature of habit - and this trail running is one hard habit to break! The running weekend started with a 12km run on the road with my dogs, which then got upgraded the next day to a 7km run in Kiara on Saturday and Sunday, then an easy 9km in KDCFP, a wet 6km in the evening in Kiara and capped off with the longest trail run in Kiara I ever did to end the Raya break.
38KM of Fun In Trails
The average speed of which i ran the 38km is a slow 8:30pace, which I would equate to a 6:00pace effort on the road. With undulating surfaces, softer ground and unknown roots, one has to remain flexible and nimble while running in trails. Running on the road is much easier as one just need to zone out and concentrate on the strides. In the trails, split-second decision has to be made and that include the decision to run after a pack of Mountain Bikers going at 15km/h and jumping over them as they fall down to avoid (possible) collision.

With each run, a trail runner will gain more confidence with their footing and will actually be able to see everything moving in slow motion - falls included. Inspired by how some of the world class trail runners run, the common ability within all of them are the ability to read the course and trust their steps and bounces off the surface. This minimises the pressure placed on possibly softer ground that could give way under pressure resulting in slip and fall.
Trust your shoes. Trust your Footing. Trust your Instinct.
The undulating surface forces you to work the heart and the legs. With every elevation gain, you losses speed in exchange for higher heartrate. 
Statsitic Geek
At times, the opposite could be true as running downhill will elevate your heartrate as well if you ran like you saw a ghost in the trails. Which for me, often happens especially when i run the last 2km.
Speed vs. Heartrate vs Elevation vs Distance - Last 2km always fun!
The one instance I ran outside of Kiara would be in the Kota Damansara Community Forest Park (KDCFP). With a 4.5km loop, it is sure way to work on the intensity as only 1km is uphill with the remaining 3 to be flat and fast. Here is a video of me chasing Chin Ann, an Ultramarathoner. 
One thing about running in trails is how heavily one would sweat. The humidity and the constant intensity will work up a great sweat (as "good" will be an understatement).
Hafidz giving "5" his way
There is a certain runner's high running trails and it is tough to explain it when compared to the usual run on the road. I guess like life, running in trails is an adventure and the obstacle in the trails constantly forces you to adapt and adopt to the changes.
Posing in Trail. A must.
How high was the high? Here is me running while holding the camera to my face. You can hear my breathing and my footsteps, including some of the leaps than bounces i did on the trail.

For all it's worth, being with nature is a sure way of enjoying every steps of the run. Fresh air and being "there" in the green sure perks up my day. If any of you want to or need someone to lead you in the trail, let me know. I would gladly show the route.
Running Into the Light


  1. Jumping over fallen mountain bikers for the win. More importantly you the man running in front of the "Champ" :P

  2. So geram lah everytime read about your trail runs... nak ikut!

  3. UnkaLeong - The Shangpion bagi chance bro... :D

    Fairy - see you esok. You will get to lepas geram!