Monday, August 06, 2012

Be Good Homemade Aromatheraphy

I have always supported friends that turns passion into business. When you have the passion for good things, they will often translates to good stuff. I would like to bring your attention to a "brand" created by a dear friend of mine that has turned just that into a business - and he shares it with all of you.
How it all started
Be Good believes in making yourself feel good. Simple items that we take for granted everyday such as the lip balm that moisturises the lips, the body scrubs that takes away the dead skin and the lotion bar that gives you a good night sleep. While some of you might think it is not MANLY to moisturise, you don't think David Beckham and Daniel Craig get that kinda confidence look by washing themselves only with Dettol soap, ain't it?
As seen in the Olympic 2012 Opening. Minute 35:08
Recently, Be Good had a stall opened at Jaya One Night Market. There, they showcased the range of products that they have and visitors has a chance to test them out and make purchases directly.
Looking good already
While matter of grooming has always been the area of expertise by the women folks, the men are catching up with reasons and ways to make themselves feel good too. No one can deny the feeling of a close shave; which gives similar feeling if you scrub yourself down and feel the softness on the skin.
Coffee Cafe - The darker appearance might attract the more Manly (color wise)
James Wong, the person responsible for this homemade goods has spent countless hours in his kitchen to perfect the mixture. Made from 100% natural items; and by this i meant no preservatives and chemical. Expect ingredients such as essential oil, nuts oil, herbs, tea extract, bees wax and a lot of attention to details.
Actual process of Lotion Bar being made - in James' Kitchen
Rose Garden Lotion Bar
What is most impressive is that the Lip Balm too, receives a lot of personal touch and in packaging that is familiar for most people. The ingredient used are safe for consumption (yes, i took a pinch of the scrub that wifey bought and tasted it). James however, digress and said that I should use it for the skin, not the tummy. :)
Lip Balm from Be Good
Items comes in (currently) four fragrance: Mandarin Lemonade, Lavender Dreams, Coffee Cafe and Rose Garden. Lip balm is being sold for RM8/stick, Scrubs for RM25/bottle and Body Lotion for RM38/box. 
There is a Gift Box option with all combination of 2 scrubs, 1 lip balm and 1 lotion bar for RM95 (not inclusive of delivery). 
Be Good
As the night market happens once every quarter, anyone interested to purchase these items can head on to Be Good's Facebook page and like them. You can enquire at the page and get in touch with James to personalise the gift sets or just to get it for yourself.
Contact Info : or at
Be Good!
Enjoy some of the photos taken from the Night Market.


  1. your friend handsome eh ... ;)

  2. That's awesome - love these natural body care products. Wish you friend all the best!

  3. Where else can spot the products?

  4. Fiona - currently, it is home based and on facebook. You contact james directly.