Friday, August 10, 2012

Travelling Ottawa - Countryside Part 3

One of the day that i was in Ottawa was spend travelling to the countryside as the plant that I visited was situated about 100km away from Ottawa city. Known as Renfrew, it is about an hour drive away and situated along the TransCanada highway.
It was tough to control the snapping of the camera as I passed many scenic places - much to the irritation of some of the people that was travelling in me. I wished the camera had silent shutter - but alas, it is a dSLR and it will be impossible unless i get the newer one where the shutter are mostly electronic. As usual, enjoy some of the photos I have taken over the 100km journey via TransCanada and about 120km journey via the inner rural road which was way more scenic.
Why is this building significant? Remember CORELDraw? This is their building. Your WinZip comes from here too ;-)
Flawless Blue Skies with acres of corn plantations
Left-hand drive - A reminder not to overtake on the RIGHT. 
Real barns with storage silos
Rolling corn (baby) field...and a McD signboard???
Almost there!

 We spend half the day at Renfrew's facilities and i learnt to appreciate and linked what I have been working on the past 8 months to the facility and the technology. When we are starting to Green our operation and looking at alternative energy in Malaysia, Canada has been doing it since the 80's. It was a good experience and unfortunately i can't share those more confidential photos here in the blog. So, fast forward to the return journey where our host decided to take us through the "road less travelled"- via the rural/interior roads. 
Journey begins back to Ottawa

Junction now has less cars. But no one run the light, yet.
Hay bale!
 I was told by my host that growing up, they have to collect the hay and tie them up squarely before loading on trucks to be delivered. Nowadays, with more modern technology and the process being less physically demanding, hays are rolled in bale and collected by machine for delivery.
Sorry, my head was level, i forgot the camera aren't. They are NOT rolling downhill, if you are wondering
 We soon reach some "Kampung" or rural area.
Nice houses.
Check the old Pepsi logo out. Coin laundry? Something i only see on TV.
Local jamming studio. Barn converted into music place?
 My host too mentioned that many moons ago, the Scottish made Canada their home by being lumberjack. After many moons today, they have sort of make their mark in Canada. Not suprising to find many "Mac" in Canada.
And this is where it is still "Finger Lickin'Good" and not "So Good".
Bikers are everywhere with their Harley
More homes. Beautiful sky, as usual.
Wheat field
Truly Scenic
Local Church. I love how stones are used and the "raw" surface

You get "Deer Crossing" instead of "Cow Crossing" in Canada
Ever wondered what these people do when it gets dark? No houses within the next 2km!
Oh wait, they will just head over to their Mill and see what else they can do!
 The rural road brought us to this place called White Lake. They are not without their own problem (such as over fishing due to tourism), and the place receives many visitors during the summer. It was beautiful.
Part of the Lake.
 The host stopped by the lake and allowed for a 15mins break to soak in the scenery. No guessing what i did.
The cobblestone bridge has been there for ages. 
Super clear water
Closer look. I had the 20mm lense on and can't zoom into the birds! Wanted to catch them taking off!
Postcard much?
If i brought spare clothing, i would had dipped in
 The 15minutes passed pretty fast and we continued the journey.
matured and ready to be harvested wheat. Golden brown lending superb contrast to the blue clear sky!
Riding in the Chevy Suburban. Nice
We soon reaches the suburban area of Ottawa. It was time for lunch and the host brought us to a typical American food joint - that meant chances to taste some real burger.
They sure are proud of Mr. Terry Fox!
A plate number suitable for RUNNER! I like!
Spiders are everywhere
JD Sirloin. Can$12.99
Opted it with Ceaser Salad with no dressing. The Burger looked fantastic, and luckily, tassted as good too.
Canadian, like US, allow for personalised number plate. Here is one i captured. He/she is a fan of Glee.
Click to Enlarge - 2 Gleek
Click to Enlarge - Mr. Hong!
Soon after, we were dropped off at Ottawa Airport to catch a flight to Toronto. The trip in Ottawa comes to an end that day. It was indeed a good trip to the Canada's Capital. Here are some pics I've taken in the airport departure lounge.
A handmade Canoe.
Made from tree bark.
And vines to tie all together
Indeed it was a good exposure of 2 days in Ottawa.  I felt lucky to be given the opportunity.
One day, I will return again
Must be due to the calmness and no rush environment?

Airforce F5E sharing the same airport in Ottawa?

Yes. I did. :)
Onwards to Toronto! More write up in Blog soon!


  1. Look like nice place to migrate.

  2. Sigh.... made me lovesick for Canada all over again. Best place on planet earth by far. Thanks for sharing. Brought back lotsa memories :)

  3. Kam - it is, but no where like home ;-)

    Carol - looking back at the photos, i would have to agree. A trip back there as tourist would be good ;-)

  4. Look at the store sign. Does it light up? Is half of it missing? Toronto laundromatsDoes it clearly tell people what that it's a coin laundry or does it just say "Bob's"? The store sign will tell you everything you need to know about how well the store has been run. A great store has a great sign.