Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Trail Running Weekend : Kiara

It was a good weekend with two trail runs and two road runs squeezed in between me and wifey. Our total combined mileage for the weekend came up to 30km and it is the biggest total since SCKLM 2012. On Saturday, Wifey had an early 5km run with another friend while i babysit the two kiddos at home. When she came home, i went to Kiara for a trail run with Hafidz, Karen and Pui San.
"OK, today we Max HR. If don't touch 220bpm, we continue to run".
Kiara was abuzz with activities with possibly the highest numbers of mountain bikers I've seen in the past month. Dry weather and perfect trail condition must had drew them out. What could had helped was that the STOP WORK ORDER at Bukit Kiara has been in place.
Beautiful well taken cared off trails in Kiara
We ran from the Park to Office, then exit at the connector and ran on the tarmac towards Magic Carpet. Though only about 1km in length, Magic Carpet should be enjoyed together with the 4K loop for maximum effect. It still disgust me to think what the JLN wants to do here including putting up food stores.
Always nice to run here.
There were three different group of mountain bikers i bumped into when doing the trails. All three equally hardcore and all three equally crazy about Kiara. Here is the bunch that started at 5am, because they are all father, and need to finish the ride early to be with family.
The Papa Club
While running Kiara that day, i noticed that there were more paper trails than ever. On one hand, that is a good sign that more people are recognising Kiara as a "to go to" route for running. Hashers from various groups around Klang Valley has started to show their presences...and it get kinda eye sore to see papers everywhere.
Really? Trails this clear and you need a marker Gasing Group?
Gasing Hill discourage hashers from leaving paper trails, so they come to Kiara???
Paper trails within 10m from each other? Need or not?
I have ran with hashers before and they are great bunch of people. I can understand if the papers are laid out to prevent people from getting lost in a more dense unfamiliar ground with no clear trails...but to have it in Kiara where trails are so obvious...i seriously felt that they should be placed only at major intersection. Not everywhere.
Seriously, with trail this big, why need paper markers?
A Wanker That Throw Papers
 As usual, whenever i run the trail, i will take a short video while running down. I seriously must consider getting a GoPro. Can record in HD and not in crappy video like this (in Quicktime format).

Running the trails will give you sight like these as you run down.
Can be used as Timeline profile?
Running down Kiara is always fun. You gt to push yourself really hard as you sidestep and bounces off every roots and stones. You can hear yourself breathing as the birds chirps.
Karen doing a Corner Baring coming down from Dirty Deeds (on the left).
 If some of you wondered if the above trail was how Kiara looked like, the answer is no. The above is actually damage to the trail done by JLN. This was to bulldozed to carry construction material to the Peak so they can build a roundabout up there. Shame!
Pure Quill destroyed. Noticed the fence at the end?
 We then went to Lookout Point and we never felt more like some animals in the Zoo. Or trespassers in our own backyard.
Price of Development?
We went down Upper and turn right into Snake And Ladder of which we then chased a few mountain bikers  while they were going around the trails.
Could be newbies, so it was easier to catch
 Coming out from Snake and Ladder we went up to Twin Peaks again and turn off at Carnival to return back via reverse Lung Buster/Carnival loop.
Babe That Run. Fast.
I have always enjoyed running down this route as it is well, downhill. It also allow the last 2km of max HR effort. You can hear me panting hard in the video below.
The Saturday run was wrapped up at 7.5km done in about 1:10. Simply superb and with Karen chasing down and setting the pace, it will only get faster the next time around.
Nike (shorts) Lovers.
Next Entry: The Kota Damansara Run!


  1. Nice workout bro .. sad that I have to leave on that day.