Thursday, August 02, 2012

Save Bukit Kiara : STOP WORK ORDER!

Good news on July 31, 2012. An engagement between Jabatan Lanskap Negara (JLN) and the groups of people fighting to Save Bukit Kiara took place with very favourable decision for Bukit Kiara.

Much has been "fought" by a few groups of volunteers to Save Bukit Kiara. The climax of the awareness was the walk that took place on July 8, 2012. 
And the fences is for WHAT? Photo from MNS President
Having seen the destruction from the early days, much has been predicted that soil erosion will be the first thing that will happen - and it is happening. 
From Save Bukit Kiara Facebook Page. Kampung is a trail connecting Bukit Kiara to Hartamas/Mont Kiara.
Erosion as of July 8, 2012. Photo from MNS President
Bukit Kiara is a very sensitive ecosystem that thrive on the symbiosis of the Flora and Fauna. With the trees being indiscriminately cut down wide enough to even allow a back-hoe to do a 3-point turn, you know that bad things will only start to happen.
Once clear and pristine. Now with silt and murky. Photo from MNS president.
Who is/are to be blamed for these destruction? The so-called trespassers? Who are the trespassers?
If one is not enough, we have two! Photo from MNS President
The Star has been playing a bigger role this time around. Credit to the reporters that has put in some investigative reporting and shown a more neutral reporting for the general public to gauge and judge on what has happened and happening still in Bukit Kiara. 
Bukit Kiara has won the battle, now to fight the WAR to reinstate her back to how she was before all these destruction happened. Lets hope JLN will walk the talk and not start to fade away and does nothing. 
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Now, with the STOP WORK issued and JLN will not be "doing anything" for now , it is high time that now it is the public's turn to un-design the urban park with JLN, leaving JLN nothing that needs constructing, but stuck with 8 months of their damage done.
Malaysian with our "Tidak Apa" and apathy attitude, if we let our guards down, we will find Bukit Kiara being raped again! Stay alert!
Have you done your part to Save Bukit Kiara? Do it now! Keep the fire burning, it has not ended until Bukit Kiara is gazetted as a GREEN LUNG!


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