Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Butterfly Kisses

We enrolled our daughter into a Ballet class. It was something she has explicitly said she wanted after (not helping) watching some cartoon on the TV. If some of you do not know, it is Angelina Ballerina.
The power of cartoon
Since we always wanted to provide for the kids as much as we can, we decided to sign her up for the classes about three weeks ago. Come last Saturday, it was her first class and i decided to record some of the moments where wifey got her prepared. To be honest, it felt as if she is getting married and i am giving her away as i snap the photos.
Dainty shoes
Bun up hair
Ribbon on Dress
Motherly love 

All Set
I guess the perks of being a young parents and seeing how the kids progresses and grow up sort of bring me to the reality that i am growing older as well. Seeing these, i have no regret re-prioritizing my life and seeking more balanced life-work as moments like these will not return. Love you Girl.

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