Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Bring Lunch To Work

There were some excess cooked rice from yesterday's dinner that me and wifey did not want to throw away.  It is enough portion for two person (one serving of rice is one light bulb size). To save money and for those that MUST have rice for their lunch or dinner, this is one easy way to bring your own food, or in this case, lunch to work.
The ingredients
As the fridge did not have carrot or french beans for making simple fried rice, i resorted to use pumpkin, raisins and eggs. Again, key to sustainable eating and diet is to use whatever you can find and modify from there. I seasoned the rice with salt and pepper and started by cooking the pumpkin in a non-stick pan until a bit softer. I then put in the rice with the raisins and just stir fried it for a while before breaking 3 eggs into the rice. As expected, the portion was sufficient to provide two serving for myself and wifey.
Simple and Sufficient
When you prepare and cook food from home, you know what goes in and in total control of your nutrition. It takes the guess work out of the meal you are eating especially if you are watching your food intake. While some need the "binge" of fast food and such, care must be taken, as we can always bluff ourselves that the food we took will "be burned off during the afternoon gym session"...and we have to remember that a typical one-hour workout (run) covering 10km will only utilises 700kcal at best. Malaysian typical food averages at 650kcal/serving and that is assuming you follow the serving sizes.
Complete meal - add in a homemade smoothie
Many of us will order a drink or two when eating outside - that is pure disaster as the drinks outside, no matter how healthy they claimed to be, has sugar added. Best alternative is to invest in a simple blender and make your own smoothie that you can prepare and bring to work. Micro and macro nutrients in the food you take is a winner - and skip those Ice lemon tea...which has no lemon, or tea in them.


  1. looks yummy!! :) slurp...

  2. Always! Homecook food save money, save arteries and save from eating too much outside@

  3. Looks good! But I read that fruit juices lose their nutrients if you don't consume them immediately. So maybe bringing them to work isn't such a good idea... =( But hey, it beats having a coke anyday =D


  4. Fiona - fruit juice that is made outside lose their nutrient as they are washed after cutting. Keep the smoothie refrigerated.

  5. Looks like a solid office lunch, my friend! I've been eating organic and fresh foods for about 6 months now, and I can say that my energy levels are through the roof compared to the usual junk I was eating for lunch.

    McDonald's for lunch is like putting diesel fuel in your regular gas vehicle: it's not going to run efficiently or well. Same goes for your body.

    And like Tristupe said, as long as you're not washing the fruit AFTER you cut it, it'll be ready to go.

  6. Hey C Toyota - Solid indeed. I endevour to eat clean as much as i could and yes, the changes in energy level is just immense.

    and saying that McD into the tummy is like Diesel in Petrol engine is so right!

    Many don't know that the fruits that they take out there...has been washed after being cut...