Thursday, August 23, 2012

CRKT M16-14ZER Review

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Been sometime since i did any review on EDCs. My collection of these metal cutting objects has stopped for the time being due to budget and also re-prioritizing of the collection. To refresh everyone memory, I've done review on the Drifter, the M21-12G and the Hissatsu Folder. Today, i am re-starting the review on metals again with a collection of Big Dogs.

Comes standard with AutoLAWKS to turn a foldie into fixed blade
Today, i will provide a short review of the CRKT M16-14ZER. Designed by Kit Carson, a retired army personnel, this EDC is designed for the Emergency Services due to the request/demand from them after the very successful M16-14SFG range (long overdue review of these beautiful Big Dogs)
Slightly shorter than a normal pen.
The bright orange handles have scales of glass fiber filled nylon. At worse, it felt like holding a 0000 grade sand paper, which is like almost smooth with some resistance. In the hand (such as mine), the EDC sits nicely and allow a very confident grip when flipped open.
Anyone need a poke?
AUS 8 steel with hardness index of 58 has been chosen to withstand abuse. The blade is polished finish to resist corrosion and giving it a really nice sheen.
Razor Sharp
As usual, the knife comes razor sharp and nicely hollowed to withstand real life usage. As this was my EDC of the week, it has cut the usual paper (works like a blade), ropes, cardboard and even tested it on a leather belt. The belt cutter that doubled as the flipper cuts through whatever that are wedged against it (like paper, rope, cardboard and leather) like the blade itself.
One handed usage to cut through jammed safety belt in emergency without deploying main blade
THe M16-14ZER lives up to the M16 family name of being "purposed built". Residing at the butt is a tungsten carbide window breaker. I have not tried it yet on any automobile side windows, but it is claimed that it will "shatter with one quick whack from the butt of the knife". 
Perhaps can be used to help move come pesky cars that double park?
This hefty 6.2-ounce knife has a large 3.75"-long Triple-Point Combination Serrated Tanto blade that is able to tackle virtually any task, emergency or otherwise. While i am known as a "fruit cutter", i have no doubt that this will double up very nicely as a steak knife as well.
Triple Point-Combo Serration
The Tanto edges looked menacing even when opened slightly - threatening to even cut through your pants if you are not careful enough while carrying it around. The 4-position clips complete the whole package and allow for a versatile left-right-hand usage with option to carry the EDC blade point down or upwards.
Just don't carry it this way, a bloodied finger or torn pants scares people.
Priced at USD89.99 at CRKT online store, expect this knife to cost 50% more being sold in Malaysia by people that brings it in. This EDC is a keeper (much like all the CRKT i have) and must be used with full responsibilities and not in a careless manner.
Precision tools.
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