Tuesday, August 14, 2012

What is Act 114A?

Not many people are aware of the 114A Act. Many do not know what they are too. But if you are an internet user with a Facebook, Twitter, Blog or even administer a website - you are, and you will come under the 114A act.

Wait, but isn't the Internet, FREE? The borderless sharing of info and the freedom of speech/writing thingamajig? Well, apparently in Malaysia, that comes with a heavy price.

There is currently a movement or effort to repel the 114A act and if you do not know how it effects you, the Stop114A website provides the best possible explanation.
Click for full resolution. 1.47mb. This is from Stop114A
Watch the video below on 114A.
I am continuing to update my Facebook, Twitter and Blog today simply because keeping quiet and staying off internet was what the government wants you to do. It is more important to continue raising the awareness and make yourself counted. 
REPEL the 114A act!

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