Thursday, August 16, 2012

Trail Running Weekend : KDCFP

Fresh from the Kiara run the day before, we managed to get a babysitter for Sunday morning and had wifey joined for the run.
Usual suspect. Slow or Fast today?
The start of the route through Temuan trail is a nice 1km uphill that will elevate heart rate from resting to close to Max. One can easily burn out within the first 10minutes if not too careful resulting in the remaining 4km to be "tough work". Elevation gain at this 1km is a nice 100m. That is a 10% gradient, technically speaking ;-)
100m in 1km. 10% Gradient.
With gradient like these, we covered the first km in a slow 12minutes. Almost a walk in the park, literally and sweating by the time we reached the ridge.
Once from the top, it is downhill all the way and there is nothing more to do that to start running!
Can we wade like freestyle? Much faster?
And of course, i have time for whoring.
Still climbing up the hill
Much like Kiara, TRAKS played a big part in creating the trails to be on par, if not better than world standard. Gunny sacks used as a "jump pack" for mountain bike are definitely NOT the work of TRAKS. What i noticed too that day was that Mountain Bikers again, dragged their rear brakes as they came down from the hill/slopes, thus creating ruts that will encourage water erosion when it rains.
Do we need more plastic in the jungle? NO!
We need to UBAH!
As we ended the Temuan trails, we started running the Scout trail, which is the easier running route with trail that leads downhill most of the way. The flats could be ran pretty decently at 6:00 pace and the downhill, possibly faster.
Careful of overhead branches...
And faster runners coming from the back!
Here is a video of the run. I was trailing wifey.

And i stopped as she got her Cascadia stuck on a sharp root that tore the shoe front...lucky for her the shoe protected the toes.
Got excuse to buy new shoe!

Those familiar with the Scout Trail will know of this tree with awesome roots. I counted at least 7 branching down.
Maybe It comes alive at night and walk about?
We finished the first loop of 4.5km run and decided to do another smaller loop around Scout Trails which is a 2km loop.
Next time bring in DSLR with faster shutter speed...
Nothing is as fun as running downhill!
Aileen Signature Front Crawl-while-running
Again, KDCFP is very user friendly. The routes are all marked and there is absolutely no reasons to place paper markers inside the trails. The same papers were seen here too, I am talking about the few hash groups that utilises the trails for their activities.
Must.Check.Out.Aunty Sipew's Garden.
It turn out, there is a herb garden in the trails.
However, sadly, I saw a few men in the trails digging out roots supposedly that has medicinal properties. They then leave a hole there. As we were outnumbered, i decided not to confront them.
One more climb! 1km at 10deg gradient is FUN!
Second loop, we walk a bit ok?
Working up a good sweat on Sunday Morning =  WIN!

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